Learn Piano From Home – Practice, Theory & Homework (Tests Included) (Part 1)

Find out Piano from home with this total piano course.
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Chapter 1

1.1 Piano Note Names (Youtube).
It's important to start at the piano basics.

1.2 Learn Your First Piano Song (Youtube).
I want to stabilize the slightly stuffy and boring subjects with some truly fascinating and fun pieces to play on the piano.

1.3 Piano (Youtube).
In this lesson we concentrate on piano scales. If you understand your piano scales you will be able to play piano with much ease.

The remainder of the chapters are available on.

1.4 Play Bach on Piano.
Wouldn't it be cool to play Bach on piano?

1.5 Major & Minor .
How do you feel about significant chords and small chords?

1.6 Chords in Major Piano Scales.
Which can be found, in which significant scales.

1.7 Piano .
The Magic Sauce.

1.8 Intervals & Transposing.
Re-write music to another musical key.

1.9 Song Structures.
Though song structures may seem really trivial to you, we can really utilize them to bear in mind a tune on piano.

1.10 Piano Finger Exercises.
Practice our strength and versatility, as well as the dexterity of our hands!

1.11 Time Signatures for Piano.
Acknowledge time signatures and how to use them!

1.12 Test Piano Understanding of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

2.1 Una Mattina Easy Piano.
Start playing among Ludovico Einaudi's a lot of renowned piano pieces!

2.2 Advanced Piano Chords.
Now it is time to pull open the black box of 4 note piano chords, 5 note piano chords, and more!

2.3 Piano Pedals Explained.
Why do we have pedals on a piano, and how can we use them?

2.4 Piano Arpeggios.
Stating the word: 'arpeggio' when combing it with 'piano', makes you seem like a show pianist or musical connoisseur. But what is it?

2.5 Read Sheet Music for Piano.
I'm not a massive sheet music fan myself, but ey, you got ta learn at least a bit of sheet music in your music theory career.

2.6 Piano Improvising for Beginners.
Let's see how creative you can get at piano!

2.7 Sing & Play Piano.
and sing at the same time and accompany a singer on piano!

2.8 Discover Chords for Any Tune.
How do you really discover piano chords to bet specific tunes?

2.9 Circle of Fifth's for Piano.
The Circle of Fifth's is a goldmine for those who look for the treasure of music theory and chord knowledge.

2.10 10 Piano Rules.
What are the 'rules' to practice piano appropriately?

2.11 Nuvole Bianche Easy Piano.
Today it is time to discover Nuvole Bianche on piano, an easy variant as well.

2.12 Test Piano Knowledge of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

3.1 Advanced Piano Scales.
Let's look at pentatonic scales, chromatic scales, harmonic small scales, melodic small scales and whole step scales.

3.2 Piano Basics for Pop & Rock.
Chord developments for Pop & Rock.

3.3 Piano Modes Explained.
Learn more about the Ionian mode, Dorian mode, Phrygian mode, Lydian mode, Mixolydian mode, Aeolian mode and Locrian mode.

3.4 Intermediate Piano Melodies.
A mix of tune and chords in the right hand of our piano compositions!

3.5 Combine Left & Right Hand.
Start practicing combining your left and right hand when playing piano, as quickly as you get the possibility.

3.6 Reggae Piano Rhythm.
Now it's time to hit a new category: reggae on piano!

3.7 Una Mattina & Nuvole Bianche.
Let's take these songs by the scruff of the neck and play them the way they were supposed to be played, including piano arpeggios to our easy piano compositions.

3.8 Canon in D on Piano.
Pachelbel continues to surprise with his canon.

3.9 Piano Midi Files Explained.
Midi files are important nowadays when it comes to finding out to play the piano.

3.10 Let's Play Latin Piano.
Let's get the margaritas and mojitos all set for a gleaming lesson teaching Latin style piano!

3.11 Piano Finger Extending Workouts.
Ensure that you go injury totally free when playing the piano.

3.12 Test Piano Understanding of Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

4.1 Play By Ear.
In this lesson you will start discovering how to listen to a tune, and play this song on the piano directly without needing to search for the notes or chords.

4.2 Typical .
Discover to identify chord progressions, it will make it simpler for you to play most tunes.

4.3 Practice your Ears!
Which note is that? Can you hear the difference. Relative Pitch or Perfect Pitch?

4.4 Dividing Piano Chords.
Did you know you can play a piano chord split over 2 hands?

4.5 Slash Chords for Piano.
Sometimes the left hand plays a different note than the tonic when playing chords.

4.6 Changing Keys.
Improvising on Piano, Modification Keys Fluently!

4.7 Jazz Up Songs.
Make a song noise more jazzy!

4.8 Identifying Chords.
Have a look at how to recognise chords much easier, and remember them much better.

4.9 Composing.
Let's present you to composing!

4.10 Practise Set up.
How frequently should you practice?

4.11 Test Chapter 4.

4.12 Test Whole Course!

Learn Piano From Home – Practice, Theory & Homework (Tests Included) (Part 1)

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  1. I always learn something new from watching your videos. I’ve been on holiday for the past three weeks and haven’t played a stitch. Watching your videos makes me eager to learn something new! I can’t wait to get back home to play piano again. Sending warm greetings from Miami

    1. Happy to hear from you Nee Nee it’s been a while! Hope Miami is treating you well. Greetings back from the cold and freezing Netherlands!

  2. So very helpful man!

    I learned a lot from you 🙂

    Keep ticklin’ ❤ 🎹

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