Learn to play Keyboard with MELODICS! #Shorts #PianellaPianoShorts

Hi men, Learn to play your keyboard with here:
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Melodics is an app that makes practice fun on keyboard, electronic-drums and . Today I'm using microKEY Air 61 keys to learn the Keys using Melodics!

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! #Shorts #PianellaPianoShorts

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Virtual Piano Online Keyboard

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    1. link in my video description. you can try the apps for free.

    1. they use notes that falling down from top the screen. and you need to hit the right notes. there are so many lessons and songs they provide. if you want to try, u can use ipad/computer, download the apps. free to try some lessons. and u need piano midi controller. akai/korg/any others. u need to connect the ipad/comp to your piano midi. after that.open the apps and try it.

  1. I love playing the piano, but I lost my Talent and I suck at it☹️
    I cant get it on my daily Things to-do.
    But watching you gives me SOO MUCH MOTIVATION 🥰💖

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