Shardantus Skin Theme – Official Soundtrack – Piggy Roblox

Here's the theme I made for dinodoesstuff's winning entry to the Piggy skin competitors for the character Shardantus the shark.
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Shardantus Skin Theme – Official Soundtrack – Piggy Roblox

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  1. Amazing soundtrack as always! I really enjoy how this kinda looks like the main theme from Jaws. Keep up the good work!

  2. When you hear mom unlocking the door and you haven’t gotten the chicken out of the freezer

    1. Piano Vampire is like just as good as bslick. Also I finished Willow raid. 10/10!! AMAZING WORK

  3. Can we just appreciate how much work pianovampire put into this and the other ones

  4. S̵̙̍L̸̻̏I̶̾͜N̸̘̆N̸͕̈́Ǐ̶̭L̸̬̉S̴͈̍2̴̥͌0̶͓̑1̶͚̎0̴̡̕ says:

    120 likes?Let me fix that

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