Hanezeve Caradhina – Made in Abyss OST [Piano] / Kevin Penkin

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is one of my preferred soundtracks from "Made in Void" and whenever I am listening to this tune, a sense of marvel and thirst for adventure is overwhelming me. The soundtrack composed by is merely incredible and with the second season of "Made in Void" presently airing, it's a perfect time for me now to arrange this piece for the .

See the video from 3:09 up until completion and see how the is going deeper and deeper into the abyss, enhancing the sensation of desolateness up until ultimately … absolutely nothing however silence remains …

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Piano plan by Animenz.

Original Tune: .
Anime: Made in Void.
Released by: KADOKAWA (2017 ).
Made up by: .
Carried out by: Takeshi Saito.
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#madeinabyss #soundtrack.

Hanezeve Caradhina – Made in Abyss [Piano] / Kevin Penkin

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  1. Best manga, best anime, best OST, thank you Animenz for finally playing this beautiful piece for us 🙏

    1. Aot, your lie in April, has entered the chat

      sao(for me only) and black clover for me only, love them to death, Sao the most over analyzed and hated show

  2. Made in Abyss has such a beautiful soundtrack, glad you’re covering it! Season 2 hype!!!

  3. I’d love to hear an arrangement of the OP2 “Katachi” also from Made in Abyss

  4. Your arrangement of this song sounds like a motivational song that should be played in the Olympics.I really loved the sparkling sounds from the HIGH register.Another great and beautiful arrangement again!

  5. The greatest thing with your arrangements and playing compared to many other people doing similar stuff is that you always manage to capture the emotion soo perfectly. This is possibly one of my favorite OSTs(along with The Voice in My Heart from VE) and I can’t put into words how well done it is. Never expected a piano version for this but it sounds soo gorgeous

    1. Thank you for your comment! There is always a lengthy trial and error process behind every single one of my arrangement and I always strive to find the perfect balance between piano technique and emotional impact. Sometimes I also ask myself many critical questions like “are there any unnecessary notes” or “does this transition sound natural on the piano” and only if everything is perfectly balanced, I will start to record the newest piece.
      It’s a lot of effort, but it’s worth it!

  6. oh my god this is one of the best for me, I can only hope for next one being Underground River from Made in Abyss!

  7. The meticulousness and the small details are so insane. Your arrangement is the first to capture the sentiment of innocent naivety descending into otherworldly epicness.

    1. The “descending into the abyss” part at the end of this video was actually added in the last minute. I felt like the music ended to abruptly in 3:02, so I added the slow descent to balance it out.

  8. Damn. I have unironically hoped and waited for years that we’d get this cover. Beautiful arrangement!

  9. This song in particular stands out to me among many anime soundtracks.

    Excited to see this well-done cover.

  10. 0:26
    Man I just love the way you move your hands. it just looks so professional and flawless.
    Its like they’re relaxed and each movement is spent on exactly on what you want.
    And the dynamics overall are just WOW

  11. Sorry, I don’t speak English
    but I just want to tell you that your work is amazing and I would like to see you do “binks no sake” (in One Piece) because there is something very special in your arrangements and that is that you put emotions in it and with binks no sake
    I think that would be amazing.
    There you go sorry for the mistakes, I did my best 😂 have a nice day and thanks for reading 😊

  12. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Had gousebumps while imagining the sunrise scene where this song was first played…

    1. Yeah, the sunrise scene in episode 1 was absolutely legendary. What a fantastic way to wrap up the first episode. Instantly became interested in “Made in Abyss” since then.

    1. Welcome back to YouTube, Ishter! Hope you are doing well!
      (I miss your piano music)

  13. The animenz experience: you feel like your listening to the whole song. The melody sings as much as the original vocals, every instrument seems to be captured on the piano, you can truly experience the whole song when animenz is just using a piano.

    1. Hanazeve Caradhina is one of the few soundtracks, where I managed to almost cover 99% of all instruments and voices with only two hands.
      Sometimes, a soundtrack is literally made to be played on the piano, and this piece from “Made is Abyss” is one of them!

  14. Oh yeah, it’s been a while!!!
    I’ve listened to this track so many times, heard piano covers, played it myself, I thought I knew exactly how this arrangement was going to go. How wrong I was!
    0:48 so exact! feels just like the original, love those left hand octaves
    1:36 that must be so satisfying to play
    1:38 runs!
    1:57 so powerful, hits so well!!
    2:20 THIS!!! now THIS is grand, and it just keeps building! I love it to bits, this is the part that made me go “oh I need to react to the whole thing now I guess”
    2:32 we need to play EVERY VOICE FROM THE ORIGINAL and who better to manage that than Animenz himself. Beautiful, orchestral finale!
    2:43 feels
    3:09 we’re descending towards the bottom of the abyss, never to see the light of day again…

    This track fits your style perfectly! I’ll have this on loop for a while. Can’t wait to see what else season 2 has in store for us 👀

    1. 0:48 I was actually torn between arranging it exactly like the original song or doing an alternative, more lyrical approach, suited for the piano instrument. In fact there were two versions I have arranged but I decided to record the bass octaves version since polyphony always wins, haha

      And yeah, 2:20 is quite literally orchestra power at max! I was imagining all the brass instruments playing those Da-Da-Da as majestic as possible among all the string instruments! Thanks for watching, Caliko!

  15. Man, this is beautiful <3
    I haven't even watched the first season of Made in Abyss yet but I really gotta do that soon!
    I really love the part at 1:11, even tho I haven't listened to the original OST, I can somehow imagine exactly how it sounds, you rarely see that kind of vibe portrayed in piano arrangements.
    And then there is 2:20, like damn, is that four hand technique? So much going on but all so clean and not messy at all! And then the seemless transition into the quieter part ta 2:40 until it eventually all comes to a hold at 3:06, before playing the faint, final part, just being a repetition of the very first few notes, this time being accompanied by only a few, lonely bass notes, played in the middle register, amplifying the feeling of desolateness until eventually... nothing but silence remains...

    1. >amplifying the feeling of desolateness until eventually… nothing but silence remains…
      Can I borrow these exquisite lines for my own video description? 😂

      And yes, you should definitely watch Made in Abyss! But make sure your body and mind are ready for it (quite literally).
      The story starts very innocent but slowly, all kind of unimaginable horror will unravel in front of you…
      Still, I can guarantee you, it will be an unforgettable experience!

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets I’d be honored if my words made in into your description hehe
      And yes, I’ll make sure to thoroughly prepare my body and mind before diving into this show.

    3. @Andy_SG updated the video description! A perfect way to end the final sentence, haha.

  16. I remember trying to arrange this one at some point and failing, stopping because I felt like the sounds and atmosphere could not be transferred properly to the keys. Hearing an Animenz version now brings me joy and peace 😌

  17. absolutely gorgeous arrangement of one of the best OST pieces of all time; amazing work as usual!

  18. I love this soundtrack so much, I literally play this piece at least once every day in my music playlist. It’s both uplifting and melancholic, and it seems like the music is longing for a place it can never reach…

    1. It’s so perfect for the series, I absolutely love this piece (and your version of it).

    2. I love this soundtrack too. Happy to see you playing it! It was amazing!

    3. “the piano is going deeper and deeper into the abyss” : exactly what I was thinking! Super happy that this official cover finally came out ~ That did not feel like 3 minutes and 41 seconds…

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