Play 10 EASY Songs with 4 Chords on Piano

1:08 Can't Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake.
3:00 Let It Be – The Beatles.
5:17 Ho Hey – Lumineers.
8:07 Laid – James.
9:40 Conserve Tonight – Eagle Eyed Cherry.
11:15 Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard.
13:48 Ode To Joy – Beethoven.
15:25 No Lady No Cry – Bob Marley.
17:07 Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac.
18:40 You Can't Always Get What You Desired – Rolling Stones.


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– Suitable Starter Electric Piano.
– Electric Piano utilized in this video.
– Advised premium electric piano.

– Great Keyboard Stand.
's Sustain Pedal (vital).
– Adjustable Piano Stool.

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Play EASY Songs

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    1:08 Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
    3:00 Let It Be – The Beatles
    5:17 Ho Hey – Lumineers
    8:07 Laid – James
    9:40 Save Tonight – Eagle Eyed Cherry
    11:15 Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard
    13:48 Ode To Joy – Beethoven
    15:25 No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley
    17:07 Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac
    18:40 You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Rolling Stones

  2. Andy i’ve only been learning piano for like 10 minutes or so, but since you’re the only english piano/guitar player/teacher i can find you defo: (definatly) make me learning guitar and piano SO VERY easy. Thanks alot 😀 Really appreciate it.

  3. You’ve helped me soo much! I’m self taught and can never figure out the cords to anything I play and just from these few cords it helps so much!

  4. Omg, I love you…I have learned everything about the guitar from you and now I know how to read notes, know many of hard and difficult chords, have gotten really good at fingerstyle and just enjoy playing it now because of you…It amazes that you’re teaching the piano as well…Keep doing the great work, it really helps many people and I am just so glad that you’re teaching this to people

  5. I like your singing 🙂
    Please make a full tutorial of falling slowly!!!

  6. You are an awesome piano teacher! I would love a longer tutorial on the Lumineers song.

  7. Thank You So Much Andy😊 Just subscribed. I recently received a used piano as a gift from a friend. So, your tutorials are really going to help me rock the keys Lol! I’m self taught with the acoustic guitar thanks to the Wonderful Youtube Tutorial People! I am so greatful for channels like yours. You are a joy to learn from 🎼 Thanks Again!!!

  8. Hi Andy.
    This sounds amazing and it’s fairly easy to learn, but I have some issues with seeing the chords, as we go.

    Do you have any images showing the chords/keys you press?

  9. Thank you Andy, your lessons are so easy and understandable, very clearly explained! Please release more songs tutorials :))))

  10. Thank you! I can’t believe how simple it was to learn these songs! I am 60 years young and I am learning piano solely on youtube. I wanted to play piano when I was a child but we were too poor for instruments much less lessons. A few weeks ago a friend gave me an old piano for free and thanks to you I can now take lessons for free. The piano has 3 keys that are dropped and it needs tuning…but it is a dream come true. Thank you again.

    1. @Vaibhav_xo bro, stop hurting people’s feeling, besides everyone can be young to learn new things, right?

  11. Like your teaching style and variety of songs! @ .49, G chord should be mentioned as G, B, D, as it’s demonstrated.

    1. Lool had no idea he done this to, next week: how to give the perfect BJ, subscribe to BJ by Andy.

    2. He’s teaching me how to play guitar, and I just recommended him to someone to learn piano too.

  12. God bless you Andy, thank you so much for sharing, this is the best piano tutorial I’ve ever seen so far, it’s easy to understand and you teach it in an interesting and simple way, you’re so cool, thank you

  13. Pretty cool. Been playing for 10 years and can’t believe I didn’t know some of these techniques. Amazing what someone can learn over the years. Thanks for doing this, now I can play the chords for You can’t always get what you want and let it be 😊

  14. Hi guys! Apologies I haven’t been uploading for…way too long..
    HOWEVER! New tutorials will be going live every Thursday from now on!
    Let me know your song and tutorial requests here – I’m filming more all the time – and thanks for the support!

    1. Could you do the full Rhinnon tutorial so i can get that tricky melody my dude?

  15. Just what I was looking for! Many beginner lessons are all single note songs. I wanted to play some easy full chords that went together and make them into something recognizable.

  16. Andy plays guitar and piano? You absolute legend. Im learning both instruments and ive been using your guitar vids to help me and now ive stumbled on you teaching piano.. You are one talented bloke. Thank you x

  17. 1:21 Can’t Stop The Feeling
    3:01 Let It Be
    9:41 Save Tonight
    11:21 Falling Slowly

  18. You are my favorite online piano teacher. Your tutorials seem easy.
    You take time to make sure the absolute beginner like me gets everything. Thanks.

  19. Thanks buddie, I can believe how simple it was to learn these basic 4 chord in just 15 mins I’m very grateful for your help people like you make YouTube meaning interesting beautiful and awesome once again thanks for your help.

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