23 facts you didn’t know about classic songs

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0:00 .
1:16 Sting's bum .
1:55 co-wrote .
2:34 Don McLean eliminated her with his tune.
3:30 the day the music died.
3:58 what is a Wonderwall?
4:10 Coca Cola vs Cherry Cola.
4:42 reversed bass solo.
4:58 slapped on Alanis Morissette.
5:21 Teen Spirit antiperspirant.
5:50 Pianote.
6:39 Let's Dance started life as a folk tune.
7:54 Kate Bush record setter.
8:13 December, 1933 (Oh, What A Night).
8:44 My Way killings.
9:14 Fly Me To The Moon was in 3/4 time.
9:46 Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo set the studio on fire.
10:27 Sweet House Alabama is a diss track.
10:42 Suzanne Vega: Mother of the MP3.
11:14 "Be peaceful, huge kids don't weep …".
12:10 .
13:40 Outro/Patreon.


23 facts you didn't know about classic songs

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  1. I’m very interested in learning these 23 facts about classic tracks I never knew before

  2. Since I’m early, I feel like now would be a good time to say thank you very much David! Your music content is some of the best on YouTube, and has really done more than anything else to help (at least my own) understanding of music theory. You really have a knack for teaching, and for the video format.

  3. Great fun facts, David! Thank you. P.S. the passive infinitive of the verb “to sing” is “to be sung.” 9:12

  4. Another fun fact about American Pie, while the official lyrics that Don wrote have never been fully released it’s speculated that in the chorus he isn’t saying “And good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye” but instead “…whiskey in Rye…” At the time he was writing the song he lived in the city of New Rochelle in Westchester County, NY, with neighboring town Rye just a few miles away. Tying into that, the “levee” he mentions earlier in the chorus (“Took my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry”) is likely a reference to the Levee Bar in New Rochelle. With that bar closed you would have had to gone over to Rye to get a drink, hence the lyrics of the song.

    1. Damn, this one comment alone made scrolling through the other comments worthwhile. Thank you!

  5. Paul once explained it was him who swore, after giving a wrong note on the piano during recording 🎹

  6. More importantly Nile Rodger’s production of “let’s dance” used a technique called gating where real instruments were recorded and then later released by playing the samples back on a keyboard. You can hear it clearly on the horn parts. I’ve always thought Nile invented it or was at least a pioneer of the effect.

  7. How about the fact that the very last vocoder line in ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” doesn’t say “Mister Blue Sky-aye” like many people think it does, but it says “Please turn me over”, because it was the last track of side A on the original vinyl release. ( https://youtu.be/bJ8Sz8CJY5g?t=290 )

  8. Another fun fact: Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin is the only acapella arranged song to chart in the Billboard 100 ever

  9. LOVED this! Right up my knowledge/oddity thirsting street. Question: David the samples you use are very VERY clear, what format are they from?

  10. One that found out relatively recently is that Rick Wakeman was asked by David Bowie to be in his band The Spiders From Mars. Only the same day he was asked by Steve Howe to join yes.

  11. The Eagles etched messages in the space between run-out grooves.

    on Side 2 of Hotel California, it’s “VOL is 5 piece live”. the instrumental tracks of VOL were tracked live as a band, with vocals overdubbed later.

    Side 1 is “is it 6 o’clock yet” . Producer Bill Szymczyk wouldn’t let the band do drugs or drink before 6pm. some days they would just sit around & ask each other “is it 6:00 yet?”

  12. Exactly the kind of content I enjoy! Many of the facts I already knew — I’m 68 years old and I’ve been following rock -n-roll since I was about 5 or so (a brother 14 years older than I was a rock guitar player as early as ’58…). But several items you discussed were new to me. Thanks for further enlightening me!

  13. Well done, David! I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about music, and I knew only 5 of the 23. Thanks!

  14. Usually videos like this make me roll my eyes because they’re really well known facts about famous musicians. But you’ve managed to surprise me and tell me a whole bunch of facts I didn’t already know.

  15. I wasn’t keeping an exact count but I think I knew around 8 of them.
    To elaborate on the Her Majesty one, it originally went between Mean Mr Mustard and Polythene Pam. The crash at the beginning is the last note of Mean Mr Mustard. It was actually engineer John Kurlander who saved it and added it to the end of a rough mix of the medley after Paul McCartney had told him to throw it away (my source is Mark Lewisohn’s Sessions book).

  16. Oh I love rock trivia, thank you for the video.
    Also: did you know that on the song Katmandu by Cat Stevens the flute part is played by Peter Gabriel?

  17. Great video. Here’s a couple more. Dreams of Children by The Jam opens with the ending of Thick As Thieves played backwards. The backwards singing of the word “thieves” occurs throughout the track, and many think they’re singing “Dreams”.
    Agnetha Fältskog recorded the vocal for Thank You For The Music lying on her back, because she was pregnant with her son Peter.
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond is about Syd Barrett, who turned up unexpectedly at Abbey Road studios when Pink Floyd were recording the track.

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