27 Beatles songs that George Martin played on

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was genuinely the 5th member of . There sound was so heavily influenced by his work that it is tough to think of the band without him. So today we'll take a look at George Martin's greatest contributions to Beatles songs.

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George Martin on Desert island discs (1995 ):.
Rocky Raccoon isolated :.
Howard Goodall presents the :.


0:00 Intro.
0:14 .
2:50 Harpsichord.
3:16 .
3:39 Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite.
4:30 Pianote.
5:29 Orchestration.
7:38 Guiding .
9:02 George Martin didn't get a royalty.
10:52 Patreon.

27 Beatles songs that George Martin played on

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    1. Hi guy, do you have any more musical culture apart from the english one? I mean; all your videos spin over the same music again and again… you should open and listen to other musics and other countries. It would made your content more richfull. Thanks for your work mate, I appreciate!

    2. Yo David! just wondering if you can do more of this work with pink floyd, some examples are the beatles in the background of the last song in dark side of the moon. There must be more stuff in there that will get discovered in the future? wdyt.

  1. George had much more to do with the Beatles work than is commonly known. I was surprised to find out they didn’t work out their vocal harmonies I.e. “Because” , it was George Martin who did the honours.

  2. If ever there were _anyone_ who deserved the title of the “Fifth Beatle” it was most certainly and without a doubt George Martin. Period. Full stop. His influence on their sound and songs, especially in the studio years, was what helped to create The Beatles most outstanding musical achievements.

    1. Come on now ! Yoko was the Fifth Beatle. Her soaring background vocals brought world music into a whole new plane…ahhhh, just kidding…

    2. @MyFirstName MyLastName Yes, I’d forgotten about Yoko’s invaluable contributions!🤣

    3. I think the idea of the fifth Beatle being an elite group of the Beatles’ most important people is the way to best think of it.

  3. 4:07 Just that snippet of Desert Island Discs is so full of snappy energy and brisk, powerful language. Wow. Gotta check out some of those interviews

  4. it’s hilarous that this guy was such a pivotal part of arranging stuff like I Am The Walrus and Strawberry Fields For Ever when he looks like a Classically Trained Accountant

  5. George Martin was an immensely talented man who focused on what matters in the world. Wow!

  6. The Beatles were genius, George Martin was the one that made them sound like geniuses!!!!!
    The power of piano!!!

  7. A time when being part of a band meant something even if you weren’t on stage with them

  8. Strawberry fields is amazing. Arguably best George Martin arrangement, as you said, but also arguably the best Beatles lyrics, musical composition, and the best drum track.

  9. I KNEW HIM!!! He was my primary school best friends grandad! His house has Beatles records in frames dotted around the place 😂

  10. Wow! I knew the sped-up piano part on “In My Life” was George Martin, but I had no idea he made so many other contributions. I’d assumed that most of the piano we heard was Macca.

  11. And his work on BBC comedy records gave him such a wide and open-minded approach to what constitutes music allowing him to facilitate the Beatles more avant garde ideas.

  12. The more I learn about George Martin, the more I realize that there never could have been The Beatles without him!

    1. He probably wouldn’t have been known as a producer as widely as he is without Beatles.

  13. Well done David. Sir George was an immensely talented musician in addition to Producer with fantastic ears.

  14. The humility heard in the closing statement is perhaps his most important contribution. He saw his role first and foremost as bringing the Beatles to their best.

    I don’t know how a producer of today deals with his artists. But I could imagine that today’s uniformity is also the result of business-driven producers getting their way against the artists.

  15. Brilliant video, pointing all that George Martin did. Talented as the Beatles were, in MHO, they would not have been at the extreme top if it wasn’t for George Martin. They were a team.

  16. 3:18 Howard Goodall is an outstanding presenter of music; our current presenter ain’t half bad either.

  17. I’ve read all of George Martin’s books, and highly recommend them for Beatles stories, or recording techniques in general.

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