A Beginners Guide to the Eurovision Song Contest

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0:00 What is ?
2:33 The White Stripes wrote a winning tune?
2:59 singing in English and !
3:39 Celine Dion, Olivia Newton-John & Flo Rida.
4:49 Cliff Richard and Katrina And The Waves.
5:28 Pianote.
6:26 !
7:11 Guidelines, Politics and the "Huge 5".
10:44 Conclusion.

A Beginners Guide to the Eurovision Contest

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    1. The Eurovision Song Contest is a outdated and boring concept for the 21st century; it should be replaced with Eurovision Fart Contests where contestants have to fart into a microphone, whichever fart sounds the funniest wins.

  1. Being American, I’m only peripherally aware of Eurovision, so thanks for the history and insights. That was a great bunch of clips to illustrate everything.

    1. You can even vote despite not living in a participating country (a recent addition to the voting system).

  2. 0:16 Fun fact. These guys were street singers. You could see them in the main square in Zagreb, singing evergreens and jazz. They actually entered the national competition a year or two before winning and placed second. Honestly, that song was better.

  3. I love Eurovision, because it’s the perfect combination of trashy, iconic and spectacular. Although politics are indisputably involved, you can actually find out some great underrated artists and discover new kinds of music, especially if you follow up the national finals as well

    1. Hell yeah, there are so many cool artists. France’s submission last year was especially awesome.

    2. Yeah. My favourite thing to mild the post-Eurovision-week blues is to check out other songs by my that year’s favourites.
      This is a great way to find some awesome music you would otherwise never discover. Some great indie rock from Latvia, or heavy industrial from Iceland, or maybe an alternative ambitious artsy pop from Serbia? I would have never discovered them if it wasn’t for ESC.

    3. Eurovision is frequently ridiculous, but that’s actually exactly the thing I adore about it.

      Makes me laugh, sometimes there’s awesome music and a common theme of many songs – due to the nature of what it is – is all about international peace and brotherly love, which is all very wholesale and heart-warming. And it’s just overflowing with flamboyance and is as camp as all hell. Which, again, is just pure unadulterated fun to watch.

      Basically, it’s always guaranteed to put a smile on my face, one way or the other. Even when the music’s dreadful that year.

      The fact that it’s a bit weird and not altogether deadly serious is what I find so awesome about it all. Essentially, it’s just unadulterated fun.

      Like, never change, Eurovision. Never change.

    4. @Pingoping used to think we live in a world so beautiful….. You see, I think I don’t believe in this stuff anymore 💔💔💔

  4. A winning country doesn’t _HAVE_ to host next year’s contest. It just traditionally does so, and there are many examples of a winning country not hosting the following year with this year being but the most recent. And the first semi final of ESC 2023 is actually tonight, May 9th. The second is May 11th and the final is on Saturday May 13th. 🙂

    1. The UK has twice previously held the contest because France and the Netherlands didn’t want to host it!

    2. @Planet of the Deaf The Netherlands hosted in 1980 because Israel couldn’t do it. The Netherlands also hosted because of the 1969 four way tie & the UK, Spain & France bowed out.
      That time the UK hosted for the Netherlands was in the 50s when NL was in “de wederopbouw” basically living on Marshall money & couldn’t host again. The UK also hosted for Luxembourg in the 70s when they won in a row & that small state wasn’t as rich as it is now.

      I think this might be the origin of the idea that countries don’t want to win, but as it shows, when they cannot host another steps in & takes over, so that’s just silly buggers.

    3. @LeafHuntress Israel couldn’t host that year since it was it’s 2nd win in a row and it became too expansive to also host twice in a row.

  5. Fun fact, the first trans person to win Eurovision was Dana International from Israel in 1998.

    1. @hello why is that sickening? I absolutely can’t wait for the more accepting generations to grow up and take over the world. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

    2. I’m not transgender or LGBT but stop being offended over peoples choices. It’s their lives live your own please!

  6. I never normally watch Eurovision because for many many years the UK did terribly. it was literally my brother who messaged me last year and told me to turn over and put on last years because we had seemingly done well (this was before the results of the jury vote) and I looked at the reactions on like Twitter and stuff and it looked promising and then when it was the jury vote and we were actually doing really well and then won the jury vote I was in literal shock. my brother and I were messaging back and forth and we couldn’t believe what was happening. I deffo feel like the right person and the right song is key. yes a lot of countries go for gimmicks and all the flash but at the end of the day it is the substance that wins. Sam Ryder is a brilliantly talented performer and singer and is clearly able to attract audiences based on his Tik Tok following and Spaceman is a good song. It is solid, has all the components you need for a successful pop song and it feels like a good universal song that can be appreciated all over the world.

  7. ‘A Song for Europe’ epsode of Father Ted is excellent and very moving with the ‘My Lovely Horse’ song.

  8. I left the UK many many years past, and the thing I miss the most, was watching Eurovision with my bestie. The jokes from both Terry Wogan and then Graham Norton coupled with Gin and Tonic always made a great evening!

  9. Waterloo by Abba was actually recorded in 4 languages: Swedish, English, French, and German. They used the Swedish version for the national competion and you can find it on YT. But the English version was used at the actual ESC. The German version (live performanceon German TV) is also on YT.

    1. He wasn’t talking about that, but what it was performed in at Eurovision.

  10. It’s not very often that the Eurovision Song Contest has good music, but My Lovely Horse is a classic for the ages.

  11. THANK YOU for this wonderful introduction to my favorite song contest. Eurovision is, alongside soccer, one of the rare few things that has consistently brought Europeans together since the second world war. Against Putin and his fellow warmongers, this fabulous contest holds a core message of international peace and congeniality. 🌸

  12. Eurovision began as a showcase for simultaneous live TV and radio technology standards which let national broadcasters operate together.

    Although it often doesn’t sound or look like it, throughout the Cold War era, Eurovision was an enabler for strategic technical collaboration between western European countries, many years before the EU or the Internet were built.

    1. Even though it’s nothing special today, the fact that I remember from back in the day how unique it was that you could watch a pan-european show live on tv still sort of makes me get the chills when they play that Eurovision anthem at the beginning, that used to mean: we’re now all watching the same thing live all over (western) europe.
      And it’s a great anthem, by the way.

      Come to think of it: do they actually still play that anthem at the beginning these days?

    2. @Berend Harmsen Certainly! FYI, it’s the opening of the _Te Deum_ by French Baroque composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

  13. Thanks for this one. I’m old enough to remember Abba, Cliff Richard and The Shadows (separately). My dad also bought the single of one time winner Anne-Marie David who won in 1973.
    I’m very impressed by the fact that a third of your subscribers are in the US. Well done mate!

  14. Just a clarification on the English-language thing (for the nerds) – in the early years of Eurovision it was indeed customary to sing in your native language, until 1965, when Sweden sent a song in English. That resulted in an actual language rule, that was in place until 1973 and then brought back in 1977. ABBA was very lucky to perform in that short window of time in 1974.
    It is only allowed to sing in any language again since 1999, and since then only 4 songs fully in native languages (and 2 partially) won. During the 4 year window in the 70’s 3 songs in English won (well, one was from UK). So… yeah, statistically English brings a big advantage.

    Besides the mishap with crediting Italy 2017 as Italy 2018 very nice video explaining the basics of the event. Eurovision is a truly fascinating spectacle of good meets bad, ambitious meets kitsch, combined with sociopolitical elements and crazy rivalry. I’m always along for the ride

    1. It doesn’t matter what language it’s in if it rocks the house. As Maneskin showed

    2. ​@wingracer 16 True. It should be said, however, that win was a statistical outlier from the historical norm. It may be that we’ll see that change over time but, so far, it’s still more likely than not for the winning song to be at least partially sung in English.

    3. The trend seems to be turning around though. Both in 2021 and 2022, 4 out of the top 5 songs were sung i native languages. I think we are going to see a lot more native language winners in the upcoming future

    4. @ingvik definitely. In the first semi this year all 4 songs that weren’t English at all qualified while only 3/7 completely English songs did and 3/4 mixed qualified.

    5. @ingvik Yep. And a lot of people picking Finland this year. I don’t recall hearing English in it. Though my pics would be Switzerland or Sweden

  15. The major change for me, when comparing the contests of my childhood and the modern version, is between the contest being a fairly middle of the road affair, with live orchestras and small and sober live audiences to the modern visual spectacular held in large arenas with big and wild audiences.

  16. USA: What if instead of countries declaring war on each other, there was just a big rap battle?

    Europe: Did you mean Eurovision?

    1. You are closer to the truth than you realise. Eurovision was created to promote peace and co-operation in postwar years.

  17. I’ll never forget 2009 when Aleksander Rybak won for Norway ;D We were all extatic! He even set a new point-record that year. Fairytale is absolutely a great song that i still listen to!

    1. I remember that too, except I am from Sweden and was living in Chengdu China at the time. One of my classmates was from Norway and when you won, she went crazy. Meanwhile, I cannot say I was overly impressed by our own performance.

    2. new point record in the older system – though Loreen came along in 3 years and set a different record – the most 12 points received from most countries. Come 2016 the jury and televote were split apart creating a ewn system and old points records became a footnote.

  18. Sam Ryder was simply incredible last year! We all saw him smashing through amazing songs with his invincible chest voice in his garage on tiktok for a couple of years, he deserves the fame he got post the Eurovision! 💖

  19. Me: a Eurovision fan who already knows everything about this contest.
    Also me: watching this video
    Loved this video. As a fan it is always the best to get more people into this contest who have never heard of it before. Thanks for spreading the good word about Eurovision. It is really misrepresented in the media or just misunderstood by normal people. It is one of the best things about the year for me. This video was great, I loved it!

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