Air Supply – Having You Near Me (Karaoke Piano)

Air Supply – ( )|Important with lyrics
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Tempo is 115 bpm, the same as the original. The key is C Significant. We slightly shortened our acoustic variation to leave out the guitar solo and the final chorus!


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I pertained to you and never ever asked too much.
Wondering what you would say.
Hoping you 'd understand.
It's not a function I usually play.
Do not speak too much of what's been going on.
The past is over and gone.
Provide me your struggling mind.
You know it's due.
I can do a lot for you.
I want you.

Holding you near me.
I desire you to remain and never ever disappear.
It's so best.
I'll enjoy you this evening, it feels so ideal.
Feels so best.

You're brave to say that you'll get lost in love.
However you've opened your heart to me.
Below all you feel.
You understand how deep our love could be.
Tonight we'll touch till it's time to go.
Then I'm leaving it as much as you.
Even a fool would know.
That I'm not through.
I can do so much for you.
I desire you.

Having you near me.
Holding you near me.
I want you to stay and never disappear.
It's so right, having you near me.
Holding you near me.
I'll enjoy you tonight, it feels so best.
Feels so best.

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