Can you guess the Beatles song from the bass part?

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0:00 Intro.
0:27 Tune 1.
1:18 Song 2.
2:27 Song 3.
2:59 Song 4.
3:26 Song 5.
3:55 Song 6.
4:39 Song 7.
5:27 Song 8.
6:21 Tune 9.
7:50 Tune 10.
8:30 Song 11.
9:02 Tune 12.
9:52 Song 13.
10:41 Song 14.
11:35 Tune 15.
12:10 Song 16.
12:44 Tune 17.
13:40 Song 18.
14:47 Patreon.

Can you guess the song from the part?

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  1. Love your content its helping me a lot. Amazing video. Keep videos like that coming :))

  2. Managed to get all 18 songs, because so many of these are so iconic but this just shows how The Beatles’ bass parts has evolved over the years and why Paul McCartney is still considered one of the absolute greatest and most influential bassists of all time. Great video and I’d love to see this with George and John’s guitar parts

    1. Wow you must’ve started watching as soon as the video released, given this comment is 7 minutes old and the video released 20 minutes ago and is 15 minutes long. Congrats!

    2. Impressive. I only got 7 right.
      Some of the iconic one like Something and Got To Get You Into My Life is instantly recognizable, but i need more time on the other 5, completely missed on the bunch of it, and can’t recognize it at all on couple of those…

    3. The first band I ever heavily got into were The Beatles back when I was 10 (which was the same age I started playing guitar) and they’re still one of my favourite bands 14 years later, I also picked up bass in high school so McCartney is also a huge influence on me so I also credit that for why I did so well lol

  3. I’m gonna be brutally honest, I didn’t get a single one right. It was pretty rough to guess incorrectly on some of my favourite songs, but it just goes to show how distinct the bass parts really are

  4. Please do guess radiohead song from the drum part, Phil’s parts are definitely just as recognizable as Ringo’s!

  5. Incredibly, I managed to better my “amazing” score of 4/20 on the drum quiz with a masterful 6/18 on this one!😆

  6. I’m enormously proud to say that I got fixing a hole after the first bar alone. The tone really gives it away

  7. 7 out of 18. That’s much much harder than i thought.
    Some of the iconic bass line like Something, and Got To Get You Into My Life is instantly recognizable to me. I had to think a bit more on the other 5, and the rest is either missed or i can’t recognize it at all~

  8. I got the Ballad of John and Yoko instantly, but… not much else, sadly. And I’m even a bassist.

  9. I do so embarrassingly bad on these, but it’s so impressive to see how well you and others do. I am really good at guessing by lyrics or even a very short snippet of song but I guess the isolated parts just don’t lodge in my brain very well.

  10. I get this intense feeling of satisfaction every time I get a song right, as this is hard, I got most of them!

  11. You are really good! I took six, and the Yellow Submarine was one of them. More of this please!👍🏼

  12. Paul McCartney: father of rock bass playing. One of the greats. And the only person ever to get a good sound out of a Hofner bass with tapewound strings.

  13. Ooof that started out really hard but I ended up with 10/18! Number three was insanely difficult to make out though…

  14. I must admit that I think a lot of difficulty in this quiz is due to the varying sound quality of each sample, and especially due to the fact that the samples pick up at odd places in the songs. I think if the bass parts were recreated (like Charlie did with the drum quiz) rather than just isolated from the original recordings it would have painted a clearer picture rather than the compressed, underwater sound that these isolated bass bits give. With those things considered, I think you did a good job guessing!

  15. This was definitely easier than the drum one since it used the actual recordings to give us cues from the bass tones rather than just the lines.

  16. After getting 19/20 on the drum test, I think I got 6 out of 18 on this one. And most of the ones I got were thanks to the rhythmic motifs (like Here Comes the Sun).

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