Can you name these Radiohead songs in 2 seconds?

To enter the competitors follow this link (), develop your game and then publish it in this video's remark area. The three games with the most daily active users over thirty days duration will win an Amazon present card. First place = $100, second place = $50 and 3rd place = $25.

Attempt my video game, Radioheadle:.

And, an additional special thanks goes to Douglas Lind, Vidad Flowers, Ivan Pang, Waylon Fairbanks, Jon Dye, Austin Russell, Christopher Ryan, Toot & Paul Peijzel, the channel's Patreon saints!.


0:00 Intro & Competition.
0:57 Round 1.
1:42 Round 2.
2:03 Round 3.
2:29 Round 4.
2:56 Round 5.
3:14 Round 6.
5:56 Round 7.
5:20 Round 8.
5:56 Round 9.
7:06 Round 10.

Can you name these songs in 2 seconds?

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  1. To enter the competition follow this link ( ), create your game and then post it in this video’s comment section. The three games with the most daily active users over 30 day period will win an Amazon gift card. 1st place = $100, 2nd place = $50 and 3rd place = $25 🤩

    1. i love how you use $ instead of £ so you don’t have to pay out as much 😂

  2. radiohead is my favorite band and I love to see how much you include them in your content

  3. I love how much you love Radiohead. Thanks for keeping this passion for actually quality music alive.

  4. You might already be aware, but answering Morning Bell (the amnesiac version) is quite difficult currently :’) you need to enter “Amnesiac”, rather than the track name

  5. We used to do this fun thing in the studio we called “drum-shuffle”, where the non-drumming players on the session would jump on the kit, and the control room would send them different tunes and they were to play their hearts out as if they could truly drum. Beyond hilarious at times.

  6. I love how he size dramatically with relief whenever he gets one right, like there’s some sort of squid game-light consequence if he fails LOL

  7. Awesome video and great tool. The only thing that would make it better is if it would support Spotify playlists as well

  8. David while Thom Yorke literally sings the word “bends”: “I think it’s off The Bends” 😂 This was fun man. Keep these comin

  9. Is possible to follow David Bennett without knowing any Radiohead songs?

  10. Hey David, wondering if you could do a video on one of Radiohead’s singles from the basement, The Daily Mail. It’s probably my favourite Radiohead track and I think there’s a lot to unpack in it. Love your stuff!

  11. I was literally trying to find a game just like this for radiohead last night! One of my fav youtubers rn

  12. The thing that makes Radiohead extra difficult with this game is that they have so many obscure, filler tracks (which don’t hinder their albums, but they’re “songs” without an uppercase “s”

  13. Okay so I went with something I personally thought I would be pretty good at, soo… Here’s “Can you name these Rammstein songs in 2 seconds?” –>

    I really like the idea of this by the way, might create a few more games. Maybe not band focussed though.

  14. RadioEdle –

    Contains all the studio recordings of Radiohead songs where Ed O’Brien is singing backup vocals. This includes only songs from the main albums + OKNOTOK. Any songs where Ed would sing live but not on the album recording are not included. There a couple I’m unsure of but I have included them anyway, feel free to send me corrections and any songs I’ve missed. Have fun channeling your inner EEEEEEEEDDDDD!

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