How Pokémon 8-bit music was inspired by classical music

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Junichi Masuda's for the original Pokémon , and Yellow games is iconic. In spite of the restricted hardware offered by the Gameboy, Masuda managed to produce some highly efficient music, and he did so with a little motivation from his favourite classical composers.

8-bit guy, How Oldschool Sound/Music worked:
8-bit guy, Utilize your Gameboy as a MIDI instrument:
Interview with Junichi Masuda (2014 ):
Gameinformer (2014 ), Pokemon music master:
Dylan Tallchief, How Pokemon's CREEPIEST song was made
Interview with Junichi Masuda:
Korex, How the Pokemon music was made:
Tuning the Koto:
Life, Interview with Junichi Masuda:
How Music Was Made On Super :
Gameboy sound hardware:
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Masuda on musical impacts:

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0:00 Intro.
0:21 Gameboy's limited soundchip.
2:02 Counterpoint vs. Homophony.
3:29 Celadon City.
4:12 Pallet Town.
5:45 J.S. .
7:45 Raid: Shadow Legends.
9:06 Lavender Town.
10:37 Viridian Forest.
11:24 Stravinsky & Shostakovich.
12:14 Mt. Moon.
13:18 Pokémon Tower.
13:41 Junichi Masuda.
15:03 I composed a piece.

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How Pokémon 8-bit music was inspired by classical music

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  1. Interesting. We shall see what all of the gens are based on. I like the trainer theme here

  2. Pokemons music from that era thru gen 4 is some of my favorite music of all time. Their ability to make such music with so little in the beginning
    is also fascinating. These are later games but Route 1 in fire red/leaf green gen 3 wild pokemon battle music are some of my favorite song of all time period.

  3. I was studying this exact subject these days. This video came in such a good time for me.

  4. Hope this video does well and we get more video game music analysis! There is a treasure trove of music theory goodness there. Legendary thumbnail

  5. I never even thought about how the GameBoy’s music engine worked. I gotta say, the way Masuda wrote those pieces is absolutely genius though.

  6. I’ve noticed some Romantic-era influences in the music of XY, most prominently the Surf theme.

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