How to voice lead a chord progression

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is when we set up the notes of each chord in the to minimise the quantity of movement each voice has to make, resulting in a development that is not just simpler to perform but sounds smoother and more cohesive.

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0:00 What is Voice Leading?
2:27 Clocks by Coldplay.
6:00 don't the bass.
7:02 Pianote.
8:01 Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.
11:04 vs. guitar chord developments.
11:59 12 bar blues voice leading.

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  1. Good. It seems like I try to emphasize this when play chords of a scale on guitar

  2. You should do a video going through the types of articulation and performance techniques for different orchestral instrument using your teaching style, maybe going through a family of instruments at a time in a video (e.g. strings/woodwind/percussion).

  3. Dude you choosed the best time to come out with these videos. I just bought a MIDI and started to teach myself to play on piano in december. After playing guitar for 13 years, it was kind of an easy start, and realized a lot of things by just thinking on it, but I always got some new info or idea from your videos as a beginner. Thank you David!

  4. Would like to see a video on IV -> I -> III -> vi, It’s kind of the chord structure of you’ve got a friend in me from toy story. It sounds really smooth like the vi, IV, I, V at the start of this video but has this weird major three chord that doesn’t match the key quite.

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