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Video chapters:
2:36 Notes
10:12 Chords
11:58 Major and Minor
15:36 The Number System
20:29 Inversions
23:59 Tunes
27:26 Rhythm




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Learn in half an hour.

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  1. 2:36 Notes
    10:12 Chords
    11:58 Major and Minor
    15:36 The Number System
    20:29 Inversions
    23:59 Melodies
    27:26 Rhythm

  2. I came back to this video to take a look at the practices.. so… in case anyone is interested here they are
    1 (Notes) – 9:54
    2 (chords) – 15:17
    3 (numbers/degrees) – 20:11
    4 (inversions) – 23:44
    5 (melody) – 27:08
    6 (rhythm) – 30:44
    Don’t forget to like the video! This dude is giving us quality information for free!

  3. Instead of watching TV, you’re at home taking the opportunity to finally get into getting good at your instrument.
    I’m proud.

  4. 2:36 Notes
    10:12 Chords
    11:58 Major & Minor
    13:38 Practice
    15:36 The Number System
    19:03 Practice
    20:29 Inversions
    23:32 Practice
    24:00 Melodies
    26:12 Practice
    26:29 Pentatonic Scale
    27:08 Practice
    27:27 Rhythm
    30:31 Practice
    He doesn’t mention Harmony, but this should get you started;) https://youtu.be/Wx_kugSemfY
    Also, learning about Modes is nice.👌
    Edit: he also doesn’t mention Meter either, it can be helpful to you too.

  5. Him: “You’re a natural at it. You just look at this and your brain goes, ah”
    Me: “It’s a mug.”
    Him: “It’s a cat.”
    Me: “I see.” *takes down note*

    1. @Christian George because that’s all they can do
      and they won’t probably learn music theory

    2. Peter from Family Guy “and the cow says Moooo” duhhhh I always forget that one

  6. Comparing something complex into something “simple” like language (which we use everyday) shows that you’re good at educating. I’m a plumber but thinking about electricity as if it flows like water helped me grasp the concept. Same goes with this, thanks man.

  7. I have watched this video 3 whole times (but stopped and replayed many parts)

    I have gone from someone who used to know nothing about music, and rarely listened to it, to being able to make a lovely little tune. Wow 🤩

    1. I listen and analyze music all the time and I still don’t get it🤷‍♂️

    2. @Baby Juice Sister Co. play or sing some sounds and keep adding until it sounds cool to you. You’re overthinking it. Music is mathematical and mathematics is intuitive to us. We like shapes, we like straight lines, complimentary colors and we like sounds that are mathematically resonant. Humans may have originally spoke using song or tonality. Actually there is a lot of evidence that we developed speech from first using tone and rhythm

  8. One day I will look back and be like “wow I can’t believe I used to think this was so hard

    1. Just like me now looking back of myself before I can speak english, drive a manual stick shift car and pass my finance certificate and python programming lol

  9. While I love music, I have never fully understood its language, and often disregarded that lack of knowledge as just being “beyond me” since I have no hobbies/career that is part of music. Recently I realized that while I might not be a natural for music, there have certainly been other people as ignorant as I have been who have learned and perhaps even done great things with music – anything can be learned if you try hard enough. I only got a few minutes in before getting confused, but that’s okay. I plan to revisit this video until the full 30 minutes make sense to me.

    1. Allow a fellow newb to assist! Watching Andrew’s video I leveled up x 100 in an hour! And that was only half of the video yet watched! The catch is… I was lucky enough to have discovered another great youtuber who offered 4 free scale wheels. All you need to do is save them to a flash, take them to staples and have them printed on thick paper. Its some cutting with a blade but this is worth the minor effort I PROMISE! Because of the wheel…I had been practicing for this video…but didn’t know it lol. This allowed me to follow Andrew and “understand the language” he was speaking. And his explanation is presented SO well…it’s the perfect compliment to the NewJazz video and some practice with the wheel! Please read below 🙂 You will have so much fun.

      Video is by: NewJazz
      Explore the SCALES with 4 smart TOOLS

      *** Focus on : The Circle of Major Modes (and specifically on MAJOR as Andrew focused on it for this video).
      *** NewJazz demonstrates how to use the wheel and has links to the free downloads.

      Happy Playing!!!

    2. @Adam Jacob Rogers Yep I always follow this mindset. The next step is digging yourself enough time to learn what you’re passionate about. But, everyone has 15 minutes here and there every day. 15 minutes a day is 91 hours a year which enough to be “decent” at something. Everyone has 15 minutes a day to spare, no exceptions. The only reason we don’t use that time is because we feel like we “need” to get into the zone or be prepared enough to start. But the reality is, you won’t make any progress if you don’t start to begin with. Failing is normal and completely acceptable and every genius has done it. Final thoughts: If you spent 1 hour a day learning music for example, you would probably become good enough to go professional by the end of the year or even sooner.

    3. I am new to music theory, but i understood the whole 30 minute video. I had to rewind 10 sec back multiple times until i finally understood what he meant. But you dont need to understand the whole video, only the first part. Because if you practice the first part, the second part will become much easier to understand.

    4. It’s entirely possible to know the mechanics without knowing how to write it down and read it. As long as you can play it you can record it, be it as audio or MIDI note data into a sequencer.

  10. Dude I have watched hundreds of videos and even have a piano teacher that has been trying to teach me this for a couple of months now. The way you explained this amd taught was freaking amazing!!! I have been trying so hard to understand this and just kept feeling stupid. This is hands down the best music theory video I have ever seen, and trust me, I have watched over 50 videos on this subject matter. Give yourself a pat on the back brother because you are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!

  11. Okay just FYI- I’ve played guitar for 9 years now, I’ve done shows, learned how to play musical academy level peices like ‘Girl from Ipanema’ and performed for hundreds of people at a time- but never truly learned the musical theory
    This has given me an entirely different perspective of music! It’s incredible and very well explained in a very understandable manner- that even has a guy like me!
    You should have sold this for top dollar and I’d have bought it! All the more reason to be grateful!
    Appreciate the good work!

  12. 10 years of piano lessons when I was scool age & still wasn’t able to play well. I’m not even 10 minutes in on this and I already understand more about notes than I learned in those 10 years – which was nothing; just what key on the piano correlates to what black spot on the paper, depending on what line the spot was on. Every good boy may do fine, but evidently not every piano teacher does. Thank you for making it easy to understand. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be able to play an instrument 😏

    1. i relate to this, because my teacher always taught me about playing pieces, but i realized i never actually learn theories like this 🙁

    2. of course, you’re older now, so perhaps your ability to absorb information like this is more advanced now.

    3. @Sonic Hedgehog: this isn’t deep; this is rudimentary beginner-level stuff. that said, you’re right: there are plenty of clueless and hypersimplistic success stories in the world of pop music.

    4. How do you learn piano for TEN years and learn more from a video that explains something you would’ve learned the first week at piano lessons lol.
      10 years…???

  13. leaving this here just for me in the future lol

    2:36 Notes
    10:12 Chords
    11:58 Major and Minor
    15:36 The Number System
    20:29 Inversions
    23:59 Melodies
    27:26 Rhythm

    1. @A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name you have a seriously long profile name

    2. It just underscores that while it’s important to master theory, it’s also important to know when to break it to make your point.

  14. Wow i am at 24:00 and you‘ve shown me more essential music theory than my teachers could in 10 years of school 😂 thank you!

  15. i knew all about these basics but couldn’t organize them! like how to find key note and then find other chords based on its chord progression! I saw many other youtube videos just to understand how to rearrange my favorite songs but when he said its just random 1,5,6,4 then i got the whole story! I now completly understand what the basics are! THank you so much!!!

  16. Came into this knowing zero about music, I’ve tried a few instruments but they never made sense to me. I finally decided to try to learn paino(my electric piano arrives in a few days) and I don’t want to give up like I have before. I’m so glad I watched this video it makes so much more sense to me and I’m only 15 minutes in I can’t wait to start practicing what I’ve learned from this video!!! Thanks for elevating my psyche level even high!!

  17. I rarely comment on vids but I had to let you know this was SUPER helpful. I’ve played music for over 25 years, know all my scales on multiple instruments but never took music theory. This gave so much clarity, I wish I knew these things decades ago!! Love a concise, direct explanation!

    1. It feels great doesnt it?! I have pretty much the same story as you, but with only 8 years of music. It feels so good to finally have the internal vocabulary and understanding of music, to actually explain, and understand, why the things I make, sound good or bad. Its almost like now my brain can finally create, and explain, the things that my heart comes up. It’s kind of musically liberating, at least for me personally. And I too wish I just knuckled down and learned this stuff 5 years ago XD

  18. I’m Coming Back to This
    2:36 Notes
    10:12 Chords
    11:58 Major and Minor
    15:36 The Number System
    20:29 Inversions
    23:59 Melodies
    27:26 Rhythm

  19. As a self taught composer, I honestly thought I could continue going like this with 0 knowledge of theory or any formal education on orchestration & arrangement, but recently I’ve been trying to come up with more complex compositions and I’m starting to notice my limitations. Hope this is a good start

  20. this is the most clear, succinct, understandable and efficient presentation of basic music theory I have ever run in to. wow, great job!

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