Nail Your VIOLIN Practise Sessions With These 5 Tips

… and yes, practise with an'S' as im British!
. CLICK THIS LINK to take you to
my online music shop:. Here is whatever you require to get going on my' 1-30 Violin Course':
. The first 10 lessons and all resources/materials required is absolutely free.
To get going on the very first 10 lessons, click on the pdf that states' START HERE' first:.
————————————————. If you are searching for an excellent violin to get started on, attempt among these:. —————————————————————————-. WHAT IS MY Patreon page? For a
small regular monthly fee, you will get access to a large back catalog of numerous:.
– violin .- mp3

support tracks.- violin efficiency covers.- piano music. Which covers every genre from Chopin to Adele and whatever in between! If you are interested, further information can be discovered here:.

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Nail Your VIOLIN Practise Sessions With These 5 Tips

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