Olivia Rodrigo – lacy | Piano Tutorial

Olivia Rodrigo – lacy (in the secret of Eb Major) ( / Lesson).
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Arranged and taped by Will McMillan.

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Olivia Rodrigo – lacy | Piano

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  1. “lacy”

    Lacy, oh, Lacy, skin like puff pastry
    Aren’t you the sweetest thing on this side of Hell?
    Dear angel Lacy, eyes white as daisies
    Did I ever tell you that I’m not doin’ well?

    Ooh, I care, I care, I care
    Like perfume that you wear, I linger all the time
    Watching, hidden in plain sight
    Ooh, I try, I try, I try
    But it takes over my life, I see you everywhere
    The sweetest torture one could bear

    Smart, sexy Lacy, I’m losin’ it lately
    I feel your compliments like bullets on skin
    Dazzling starlet, Bardot reincarnate
    Well, aren’t you the greatest thing to ever exist?

    Ooh, I care, I care, I care
    Like ribbons in your hair, my stomach’s all in knots
    You got the one thing that I want
    Ooh, I try, I try, I try
    Try to rationalize, people are people, but
    It’s like you’re made of angel dust

    Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
    Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
    Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh

    Lacy, oh, Lacy, it’s like you’re out to get me
    You poison every little thing that I do
    Lacy, oh, Lacy, I just loathe you lately
    And I despise my jealous eyes and how hard they fell for you
    Yeah, I despise my rotten mind and how much it worships you

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