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Sabrina Carpenter – e-mails i can't send out (in the secret of D Significant) ( / Lesson).
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e-mails i can't send Lyrics.

00:04 introduction.

00:09 [Verse] It's times like these.
Desire I had a time device, so.
I could see what you did October 13th.
At 10:15, were you really asleep?
Were you lying to me and the family?

00:26 [Chorus] There's no "us" in us when I'm lacking trust.
You wan na discuss, ugh.
You disgust me.
Don't make me cuss you out.
Why 'd you let me down?
Do not state sorry now.

00:43 [Bridge] And thanks to you I, I can't like right.
I get good people and villainize them.
Read their texts like they're making love right now.
Frightened I'll discover that it's true.
And if I do, then I blame you for.
Every worst that I assume.
When I'm forty-five, someone calls me their spouse.
And he fucks our lives in one selfish night.
Don't believe I'll find forgiveness as fast as mom did.
And, God, I like you, but you're such a dipshit.

01:25 Please fucking fix this.

01:29 Outro] 'Cause you were all I admired.
Now I can't even look at you.
I suggest, as they state in Chicago.
He had it comin'.

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Sabrina Carpenter – emails i can’t send | Piano

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