Songs that use Chromatic Mediant chords

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mediants are a fantastic way to add a sense of wonder and intrigue into your music, making them a common choice in movie music. What I find most interesting about them though is how the definition of " " is not just arguable, however how the principle overlaps with some other concepts, making for rather a confusing subject!

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0:00 Intro.
0:30 The Imperial March.
1:55 Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode.
2:41 What is a chromatic ?
4:25 Light My Fire by The Doors.
5:19 Lord of the Rings.
6:00 It Will not Be Long by The Beatles.
6:30 Morning Bell by Radiohead.
7:31 Incogni.
8:19 Chromatic mediants Vs. Modal Interchange.
9:30 Chromatic mediants Vs. Secondary dominants.
11:22 100% chromatic mediant structure.

Songs that use Chromatic Mediant chords

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  1. You’re such a legend honestly I learned more about music theory with your videos than in any musical education course or a some kind of teacher👏🏼

  2. Ah awesome! I just wrote my first song using this the other day, and you come along and teach me my own musical techniques… Life is so strange.

  3. Love these videos! Shadows Unleashed by Brian Balmages is another example of a chromatic mediant in G minor, it moves from G minor to Eb minor near the end of the slow intro section.

  4. So THAT’S why I can’t get enough of Enjoy The Silence. 🤩 I listened the the “Hands and Feet Version” of that song at least 100 times this summer as a fun summer dance song.

  5. Great video! Thanks so much for these great examples. A nice holiday-themed chromatic-mediant modulation is found in the classic Winter Wonderland by Felix Bernard and Richard Bernhard.

  6. kate bush “wuthering heights” has some cool chromatic mediant stuff going on in the verse

  7. A good example of a song that uses TWO chromatic mediants in a row is “Starship Trooper”, by Yes. The “Würm” section features the chord progression G – D# – C. All three chords are major, all three have the root of G in common, and each chord is a third away from the one that precedes it. 🙂

  8. Turns out I’ve been using chromatic mediants all this time… It’s neat finding out the vocabulary to describe what I’ve been hearing in music

  9. Always so helpful! Thank you for putting this content out. I play piano and this is really helpful❤

  10. Fantastic! I had no idea what was happening in “Enjoy the Silence”. Awesome channel. Happy New Year, David!

  11. That song at the end is very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, Gollum’s Song specifically

  12. Merci beaucoup for your videos, David. I’m learning a lot, even though I’m not yet to the point of being able to put it in practice.

  13. Just wanted to add extra info about the “Council of Elrond” excerpt that was used in the video. The song in this snippet was actually composed and written by Enya, called “Aniron,” though the other sections of the track were composed by Howard Shore. However, Howard Shore definitely uses chromatic mediants all over the place in his scores to great effect, and I’m glad David highlighted his work in the video. David’s piece at the end even reminds me of the soundtrack.

  14. Can it still be a chromatic mediant if it shares no notes with the chord like e minor to d flat major

  15. To expand on this for those who want to get creative in their music composition, here is a subjective list of mood one can achieve using chromatic mediants:

    I II : Protagonism
    I bV : Outer space
    I bVI : Fantastical/Dreamy
    I iii : Sadness
    I iv : romantic/nostalgic
    i IV : wonder
    i II : mystery
    i bII : spooky
    i VII : dramatic
    i bV : antagonism, danger
    i bvi : antagonism, evil

    (I am aware not all chords are chromatic mediants in this list)

  16. Depeche Mode have made a career out of chromatic mediants (Enjoy The Silence, In Your Room, Waiting For The Night, Shake The Disease, Dressed In Black, Mercy In You, and I’m sure I’m missing several). I just didn’t know that was what you called them. Thanks David!

  17. Another interesting and educational video.

    Good stuff as usual.💪👍🥃

  18. Muchas gracias por el video!! Muy interesante el tema y maravillosos los ejemplos!! ❤

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