Songs that use the Aeolian mode

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is the 6th mode of the significant scale. It is likewise a scale in its own right, often referred to as the " Scale". has a particular solemn, major, mournful noise to it and is maybe the most common minor tonality that you will experience in pop and rock music.

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the Aeolian mode

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  1. David, I cannot express how much your channel has changed my life. I’ve always wanted to become a musician, but being from a small town with no music program and no access to instruments, I thought I’d missed my opportunity long ago. Watching your videos for the past few months has reinvigorated my passion for music, and in response I purchased my first guitar. Though I’m definitely a beginner, watching the way you break down these complex concepts has made musical theory approachable and understandable, whereas before I found it too intimidating to attempt to learn. You are an excellent teacher, and the hard work you have gone through to make these videos available to learners like me (for free!) is greatly appreciated. I wish you success in all your future endeavors. Thank you, and keep rocking!

    1. I fell Almost the same! David bennet is a great musician educator and game changer in the music education 🙂

  2. Next video: “Songs that use the Ionian Mode”.

    Jokes aside, nice explanation of the difference for the flat and raised 7ths.

  3. those panels at the back added so much contrast to the room somehow. looks great!

  4. Merci. Cela m’intéresse beaucoup. Mais je voudrais bien des sous titres en FRANÇAIS, car je peine pour l’anglais … Merci …

  5. Hi David, I know you’ve done the Aeolian mode in terms of brightness but where would you put that harmonic and melodic minor on this list?

  6. Great video as always.

    One suggestion (and maybe this is just me, so take it with a grain of salt). I find that scale and modal examples (when you’re showing the scales on screen) are easier to process as a learner when you use C as the base. It becomes really obvious which scale degrees are altered (as compared to major).

  7. It’s funny… Many times when I think I’m using the natural minor scale, I’m actually using Dorian. I just “naturally” raise the 6th.

  8. I usually prefer harmonic minor. I just love the amount of tension I can create in it.

  9. What would you call Dorian with a raised 7th? “Harmonic Dorian”? It’s a rather “natural” sounding key, if you get my drift, since despite being a minor-ish key with a raised 7th, all the notes of the scale are a half-step to a whole-step apart.

  10. 11:17 – I notice that you don’t actually hit the Bb in your piece at all, at least not in the part that shows you playing. So it could just as well be in D-Dorian. 🙂 (If there is a part of the song later in which you do hit that Bb, then never mind. 🙂 )
    EDIT: Oooh, you hit it with your left hand toward the end of the phrase. As I said, never mind. 😀

  11. Every conversation surrounding the Beatles always seems to include some reference to them not really knowing anything about music theory. Which always kind of blows my mind.

  12. Thanks also for your own songs at the end of this and other great videos.

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