Want To Know How To Get Good At Violin REAL QUICK?

3 top suggestions on how to improve really rapidly on your violin.


My '1-30 Violin Course' which 100% assurances to take you from a total novice to an accomplished intermediate gamer.
The first 10 lessons are totally complimentary along with ALL the materials, and support tracks required for them, so you can. try them out before you purchase.

I know you'll marvel how fast you will be playing and learning in just 10 lessons and will want to carry on and buy the rest of the course!

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Want To Know How To Get Good At Violin REAL QUICK?

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  1. Hi Allison (I hope I’m spelling your name correctly)

    I’m still struggling with positioning and developing muscle memory…the elevators.

    I do have your full course and I’m still on lesson 5 doing the exercises but I decided to start training with a tutor on zoom starting Monday. I just feel like I need someone to look at me to tell me if I’m actually holding the bow and violin correctly.

    My concern is I hope I do not get more confused. She teaches the Suzuki method and I know you teach a different method (not sure which one).

    Any suggestions how I can keep going forward with your method even though this tutor is going to teach another method? I really don’t want to get confused but I feel so stuck on my own.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I think you will become confused potentially as Suzuki is a different kind of method to mine. I’m not keen on it for various reasons as it missies a lot of very important stuff out in my opinion.
      But if you need a physical tutor, then it might suit you better.

      You could just explain to them what you have bought and if they will help you with that – it depends on if you want to learn 100% solely with them – in which case, you’ll be better to follow the course they use to teach with, or if you just want them to tell you that what you are working on is correct or not and then carry on with my course.

      Best to talk to the tutor, explain and go from there.

      Good luck 😊

  2. These are great tips to always be reminded of no matter your skill level.

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