What makes a melody catchy?

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Huge Think, the science of music:.
Vulgarlang, Tonal Languages:.
Suisman, D. (2012) Offering Sounds: The Business Revolution in American Music.

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0:00 Intro.
0:58 Ease of singing.
3:09 Repetition.
8:03 Why do tunes get stuck in our head at all?
9:43 composing a catchy tune.

What makes a catchy?

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  1. Man listening to someone talk about repetition i automatically hear the phrase “reputation legitimises” in my head – repeatedly

  2. Only went to Disneyworld once. Every ride had a long line. Except for one. So we went on the “It’s A Small World” ride. And we found out fairly quickly why no one went near it. That music was played loud, without a break, and there was no escape until the ride was over. It will scar you for life.

  3. When someone decides to make an “Out of context David Bennett” video I hope they include 8:40

  4. 8:28 huh, I can’t really hear the difference here. I mean, I’m watching from a phone without headphones, but I don’t think that should matter…

    edit: I heard it, but only after cranking volume up to the max.

  5. Advice: do not listen to this if you don’t like having songs stuck in your head

  6. I knew in my heart Baby Shark was coming when you said “repeat ad nauseam”

  7. The Mexican Hat Dance is definitely a catchy tune in my view. It is not that fast and rhythmically very regular. The melodie is quite simple too if you are not too much focusing on getting the semitones exactly right. But I agree with the point that melodies that are too fast can be hard to sing and therefore are less catchy. I could not hear a much difference between your C and the C a tiny bit sharp though. Maybe others are more sensitive to that.

  8. Thanks… now I have the Mexican hat dance in my head… no wait… it’s a small world… no now it’s super mario!

  9. Informative video! Wish there was some sort of Earworm warning at the beginning though

  10. Great video, but now I’m curious what makes a “good” or “beautiful” melody

  11. Ear worms don’t need to be very singable to get me. I was strongly ear wormed by a song that made a top-10 hardest karaoke list because it had a wide range and things like a fast 9th interval jump that I never really be able to do. But that jump was a very strong center of the part that earwormed me because it was the dramatic kick into to chorus. Similarly, it’s not repetition per se that gets me… fading out on repetition (looking at you Hey Jude) gets me. Because my mind locks on to the fact that (a) this repeats and (b) I don’t get to hear a solid end of that because it typically fades out in the middle. And so my mind starts spinning trying to find the end, but as it gets close it just jumps back to the start.

  12. I think this is the problem with music theory. It can analyze existing songs and identify common features that are considered catchy, but it doesn’t work the other way around. In other words, you’ll be likely to fail if you start with the features you’ve defined as catchy, and then put together a song with those features.

    I think music theory can give you ideas for how to progress a song once you’ve got a start, but on music theory alone, I think you aren’t likely to get far.

  13. When you said video game music, the Song of Storms started playing in my head and now it lives here. Both catchy and good haha

  14. How about some kind of analysis of the commonality of 50 of the most catchy rhythms, and don’t pick annoying children songs. Quirky one hit wonders would be great as compared to track-and-hook formulaic pop.

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