Why “Take Me To Church” is an unusual pop song

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Interview with , CBC (2015 ):.
Interview with , Forbes (2018 ):.
Interview with Hozier, Genius (2023 ):.

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0:00 Intro.
0:41 .
1:49 the Amen .
3:24 Pianote.
4:23 the Chorus and Harmonic small.
5:35 Bridge progression.
6:06 Return to Amen & last chorus.
6:54 Interview with Hozier.
7:32 Patreon.

Why "" is an unusual pop song

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  1. I have never clicked on a video faster. The love that I have for this song runs deep and Hozier is one of my fave artists ever.

  2. I cannot begin to describe how much Hozier means to me. Clicked on it as soon as I saw the title. Some songs on his new album have some unusual things happening harmonically as well. Worth checking out!! Thanks for everything, David!

  3. Ok this is uncanny, I’ve had this song in my head all day with no reason whatsoever

  4. His comparison of the song to Born in the USA is spot on, and coincidentally that song is exclusively I IV

  5. I love it when a brilliant piece of music actually becomes a massive pop hit. So rare, but so wonderful when it happens.

  6. I really enjoyed this analysis, David. I gotta say, when this song first came out I wasn’t too keen on it, but it’s grown on me. I have noticed the meter changes but not any of the other stuff, so thank you for that.

  7. I vividly remember when I first heard this song. It played on the radio while I was in a waiting room, and the sound of it was so different and intense that it grabbed my attention immediately. Even before I understood all the lyrics, it was very obvious that there was something unusual about the message the song wanted to send.

  8. You could have used this song as an example in the harmonic minor axis progression video!! Btw, I think many talked about this song also from the production and the mixing point of view. They’re both at a very high level and add something really unique to the track

  9. Ohmygosh, I have been waiting YEARS for someone to discuss this! Thank you Mister David! I think this is SUCH a brilliant song. ❤

  10. Hozier is one of my favorite artists. Wish I could see his concert in my hometown tomorrow

  11. This video made me think differently about the song. Not because of the music. But because of the lyrics. I don’t think i had ever thought about the lyrics before

  12. I enjoyed this for ages before I actually really thought about the lyrics and looked at the themes behind it – and wow, my respect for it grew massively when I did. What a powerful piece of songwriting.

    Lovely and smart analysis as always, David.

  13. Interesting how a couple minor changes to the chords can make a big difference!

  14. First time I heard this song was on the radio in a shopping center and I thought it was Elton John lol…I said to my wife “wow this is best piece of music Elton’s written since the 70s” 😂

  15. Another wonderful video as always. Could you do an analysis of the Israeli national anthem? It’s a lovely piece and has good development and is apt these days. Thank you David.

  16. Thank you for a good video as always David. Another Hozier song that’s very interesting in my opinion is “From Eden” which is written in 5/4 time and features a section using the phrygian dominant scale.

  17. His new album is masterpiece too! Much more confident and mature in the meaning of lyrics and music.

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