「Sakayume 逆夢」Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie ED | Ru’s Piano Cover | King Gnu

逆夢」 0: The Movie ED | Ru's | King Gnu
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「Sakayume 逆夢」 0: The Movie ED | Ru's | King Gnu

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  1. 敲破碗企劃啟動,大家真的太有毅力了..彈!都彈!!
    💗大家可以透過超級留言、超級感謝支持我喔!If you like my music, you can use Super Chat and Super Thanks to support me!
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    🎹「逆夢 Sakayume」楽譜 Sheet Music:

  2. 咒術迴戰劇場版上映快過半年了,還是不斷有粉絲敲碗這首歌,可..可惡,那RuRu今晚就來寵粉吧


    It’s been almost half a year since the release of the Jujutsu Kaisen Zero movie. And there are still a lot of fans required this song, Okay…..let me fulfill your wish today

    Requested song mode OPEN! Please tell me what song you want to listen to!

    1. @火線阿郎 Alan’s Piano Sheets 多虧有了A叔的Unravel,是動漫鋼琴改編的至高無上之作,期待Ruru也來編一下🥺🔥🔥

  3. 逆夢!!!

  4. 哇~輪到 逆夢 一曲🎼
    太期待 RuRu版的 首播到來🎹
    剛好聽完首播後,繼續轉戰 翻滾運動台(改)💪和 和運滿魂台🀄️一定跟台到底!( •̀ω •́ゞ)✧OK!

    (RuRu辛苦妳了又忙到天亮上片,早點休息(๑•́ωก̀๑)晚安 💤)

  5. 電影首映我就去看,劇情還蠻感人好看,戰鬥方面很帥氣,歌曲搭配得很好,聽了很愛咒術迴戰歌曲。

  6. I’m looking forward to your performance.
    Thank you, RuRu, for always playing healing.
    I’ll cheer for you in Korea, too. Fighting!

  7. En mi opinion una de las mejores películas que se han hecho últimamente, además la canción es excelente también, ya no puedo esperar para oir tu arreglo/ version!!!!

  8. This music does’t feel cursed, but RuRu’s performance is certainly magic. How does she do it with only ten fingers?

  9. It was very pleasant to hear the tone of the moment just before the end of the performance. Thank you for your always excellent performance😊

  10. It is especially nice to listen to your incredibly beautiful cover of this magical music.
    Thank you Ru’s Piano

  11. Gracias, gran interpretación, magnífico arreglo, gran canción 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Amazing… nice melody, beautiful notes, great piano, cute look… congrats RuRu 😊❤❤💖👏👏👩👐🎹🎶🎼

  13. I have heared a several version of this song in piano, and this is the best!! Thanks you! ❤️👑

  14. “If you want it shoot me in the chest” that’s how your piano’s notes shoot me in the chest
    Ru’s the best pianist ever. 🖤✨

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