Attack on Titan ED7「Akuma no Ko」Full Ver. Piano Cover | The Final Season Part 2 ED | Ru’s Piano

」Full Ver. Piano | The Final Season Part 2 | Ru’s Piano

」Full Ver. Piano Cover | The Final Season Part 2 | Ru's Piano

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  1. その目を閉じて 触れてみれば 同じ形 同じ体温の悪魔
    This world is cruel but I still love you. (☍﹏⁰)
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    🎹「悪魔の子 Akuma no Ko」Full Ver. Sheet Music:

  2. 本季最棒的ED,我怎麼可能不編完整版呢!

    The best ED of the season, how could I not make a full version!
    “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me.”
    “This world is cruel, but I still love you.”
    . . .
    It’s so tear-jerking, I hope everyone can feel this moving from my full version of “Akuma no Ko” 😭😭😭

  3. 喔喔喔喔!!!!! 早上才在想 RuRu 什麼時候會發惡魔之子完整版!!! 這首超好聽啊啊

  4. Looking soo fancy, Ru-sama :3 💜💜
    Subarashi, this will be lovely hehe^^ ❤❤

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