Chainsaw Man ED | EASY to EXPERT


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Hey guys,
Here is my arrangement of the Chainsaw Man Theme (ED 2), Time Left in 5 levels of difficulty!

And as always, enjoy!

0:00 Level 1: EASY
0:08 Level 2: AMATEUR
0:16 Level 3: INTERMEDIATE
0:22 Level 4: HARD
0:31 Level 5: EXPERT

Song Title: Zanki ()
Original Artist: ZUTOMAYO (ずっと真夜中でいいのに。)

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Chainsaw Man ED |

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    1. Your videos have inspired me a lot this year to start posting piano videos 🙏

  1. The expert level always sounds even better than the original somehow

  2. Could you please do piano cover of demon slayer arc openings like this one. And keep up the good work.

    1. I’ve done both Gurenge & Zankyosanka in both normal style and Easy to Expert style videos, feel free to check it out on my channel page!

    2. @Fonzi M – Melodies on Piano Oo sorry I didn’t noticed I haven’t watched your videos for a while.

  3. It’s already gonna be 2023 happy new year in advance!! Chainsaw man pieces are blowing up

  4. I hope to become a pianist like you one day, what I need is piano lessons over the phone because I can’t attend lessons in real life but I don’t know where to start or where to find that thing that gives free piano lessons from scratch

    1. i don’t think that it’s only about piano lessons. Firstly, you need to try to learn and to understand the notes, so you will be able to play music on them. After that some theory lessons will help, but you really need to study and practice (reading sheet music), because if you can’t play from the notes, the whole process becomes very complicated. Also, don’t you even think about sinthesizer 🙂 you will regret buying it. Better save up for a mechanical piano or at least a digital one (if it’s a problem, try to find advertisments for the sale of used mechanical pianos). And the last thing: don’t play what you need to, play what you want and develop your skills while doing that. Sorry if i wrote something wrong, i’m still learning English. I hope you will achieve your goal. Good luck!

    2. @Aurumiel Thank you. Your notes will help me in learning. I am very happy because I found someone who gives me notes and wishes me good luck in learning to play. You will also be the first to support me. , and your English is excellent.

    3. @Malak♡777 I’m happy to help, good luck again, i’m sure you will succed!

  5. Is there any chance you Will do a cover of the Erased opening? Loved your playing as always❤❤

  6. MannI I adore your piano skills so much. Do you have any suggestions for yt channel for piano beginners?

  7. thanks for this great music you help me emotionally to all the years. From a big fan from Germany ❤❤❤

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