Chainsaw Man OP「KICK BACK (TV Size)」 Piano Cover/ Kenshi Yonezu

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Hope you enjoy this early cover of the Chainsaw Man OP!
It's an amazing song by . What a banger.

I normally don't like to rush things out, but I hope this TV size arrangement still shows my usual quality. (Maybe this works better for the YouTube algorithm?)

Full size coming soon!


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Q: Where can I buy the MIDI screen?
A: The MIDI display was made using effects, not a real screen.

Piano synthesizer: Roland FP-30X
Sound library: Garritan CFX
VFX software: MIDI Visualizer ( ), Adobe AfterEffects

▼ Credits
歌 / Performed by:米津玄師 /
作曲 / Composed by:米津玄師 / Kenshi Yonezu
ピアノアレンジ / Piano arr.:

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Chainsaw Man OP「KICK BACK (TV Size)」 / Kenshi Yonezu

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  1. Today was the first day i heard the original op and the piano cover is released the same day)

  2. This Chainsaw Man OP arrangement is fire… I’m seriously impressed! Keep up the good work Halcyon! 🔥😊🔥

  3. this song is so trippy at first so when the harmonious and catchy chorus comes it was so satisfying.

  4. This song is so catchy and the chours is just spectacular, 😍 well played man 🤩🔥

    1. I really really love this song. Listening to it on repeat already!

  5. only reason this hasnt blown up yet is because people still hasnt finished ep 1

  6. Actuality the melody is supposed to attract rays of Halloween in the song, such as one of the ability of a devil we will see proceeding these events, but also a representation that it is about how your monster in this world reflects the very nature of the devils in CSM. It’s even the month Halloween ffs fujimoto, mappa you’ve done an stellar service to us!!

  7. Full size cover coming soon, will also be available on Spotify / Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

  8. I’m convinced you’re the sanic devil pianist.

    The cosplay is on point

  9. It’s really worrying to see that even though your quality and arranging style improves so drastically, vies won’t go up again. I wish you best of luck that this will blow up – it’s a short cover but it matches the song and you managed to keep your great quality standard. Keep it up, I hope it will get better soon!

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