Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 OP | EASY to EXPERT


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Hey people,.
Here is my plan of the Satanic force Slayer Season 2 OP in 5 levels of difficulty!

And as constantly, enjoy!

0:00 Level 1: EASY.
0:12 Level 2: BEGINNER.
0:26 Level 3: INTERMEDIATE.
0:38 Level 4: HARD.
0:52 Level 5: SPECIALIST.

Tune Title: Zankyosanka (残響散歌).
Initial Artist: Aimer.

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Season 2 OP | EASY to EXPERT

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  1. Damn nice. Wish I could play like that. I love the songs from Demon Slayer but they’re all so difficult to play😂

  2. Definitely the absolute best for anime op on piano. Hell just anime in general. Definitely an Inspiration of a play style I want to learn

  3. I truly just love his arrangements. They are always so inspiring! Favorite piece of his has to be his “Racing Into The Night” jazzy adaptation.

  4. Ahh yesss, these vids always bring up my mood^^
    Short and spicy! Good stuff :3

  5. Great as always!
    And I really didn’t see Nezuko running until you pointed it out… so I was pretty focused on everything else I guess :))

  6. Every time a listen to you i can feel like the characters are by my side

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