Evening Prayer – The Piano Guys (Official Audio)

"Night Prayer" – Main solo from The Guys.
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Paul Anderson, a Yamaha dealer who meddled videography, Jon Schmidt, an expert pianist, Al van der Beek, a music manufacturer and studio engineer, and Steven Sharp Nelson, a cellist with an imaginative superpower called ADHD, all serendipitously joined forces to develop the most successful YouTube critical music group in history. The Piano Guys' mission is to inspire and spread hope through incomparably imaginative videos recorded all over the world. On this channel you can regularly find piano covers of music from categories like leading 40, pop, traditional rock, R&B, hiphop, nation, and more. Ensure to subscribe and allow all post notifications. For instantaneous updates, have a look at The Piano Guys through their social networks accounts connected above.

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– The Piano Guys (Official Audio)

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  1. I love the music, but I would love to see the videos. Your movement with the music is inspiring.

  2. I have been following this group a couple years after they came out. Been a faithful and loyal fan. I’ve seen their ups and downs and stayed by their side through it all. Not once have they disappointed me with anything they do. Follow them all together and individually on Facebook. They even text me back from time to time, calling me by name each time. I fell on some hard times and two things happened. I listened to their music and received a text about their 10 album, which I desperately needed to cheer me up. They delivered … Quite literally.

    The two songs I keep going back to more often than not are Arwen’s Vigil (one of their original pieces) and Pipes and Drums Fight Song cover. I have listened to the two of those song more than 3000 times each on my phone alone (it literally keeps track of how many times it plays through). Please, by all means, keep up the beautiful work because without music, life would be meaningless. Even my autistic son loves your music (he is partial to the Star Wars and hopes you do a Harry Potter theme some time).

    1. Feel the same and have had similar experience with them. They are not like any other artists and I adore them

  3. I could picture a series in this genre not being about entertainment and covering popular music but exploring music that can heal and restore. Doesn’t have to be slow but should be thoughtful. Nice work.

    1. I agree. As much as I enjoy the videos in amazing locations and “showmanship” performance quality, I love this quiet style of just being about the music, almost like an expression of thought, a soliloquy.

  4. And there it is, the wonderful piece of art that calms me down, that is letting me know, I’m not alone, even though I did not know i needed it right now.

  5. A very calming strain. You guys deliver exactly what fans want each and every time! Thank you 🤍

  6. This is gorgeous. You need to make an extended play version. I could listen to this piece for an hour.

  7. When ever I need to concentrate on a project at work the ear buds come out and the Piano Guys get loaded into Spotify! Then off I go.

  8. The album art drew my attention right away- I grew up in the heart of wheat country 🌾. The music takes me to those moments of under the wide open skies of Montana where the wind could be racing through the wheat, but knowing God is there with you brings the calm, peace and grounding that somehow makes the wind and noise of life fade away.

  9. This is so beautiful that it needs to be expanded to a much longer version. Very soothing and uplifting at the same time. Played with such feelings as well.

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