Final Fantasy X「To Zanarkand / Suteki Da Ne / 1000 Words」Piano Medley | Ru’s Piano

/ Suteki Da Ne / 1000 Words」Piano Medley
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Song List:
0:00 / OST
2:52 Suteki Da Ne / Final Fantasy X OST
8:29 1000 Words / Final Fantasy X-2 Theme

🎼「To Zanarkand」Sheet Music Link

🎼「Suteki Da Ne」Sheet Music Link

🎼「1000 Words」Sheet Music Link

Piano Arranged and Performed by RuRu
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Final Fantasy X「To Zanarkand / Suteki Da Ne / 1000 Words」Piano Medley | Ru's Piano

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  1. Yuna: Tifa、Rinoa or me🥺? 今晚是優娜主場,大家應該知道該怎麼選了吧 (・ิω・ิ)✧
    🤍Join RuRu’s Membership 加入會員領取RuRu的特殊福利:
    🎹「To Zanarkand」楽譜 Sheet Music
    🎹「素敵だね」楽譜 Sheet Music
    🎹「1000の言葉」楽譜 Sheet Music

    1. Nice finalis… request my 🤩♥️…tankyu my sister kawaii 🤩 ♥️🥰

    2. ありがとうございます。

  2. 今晚歌姬久違的來代班囉!這次她要一口氣彈三首FFX、FFX-2主題曲,每一首都是回憶啊~~(つд`゚)
    優娜:蒂法、莉諾雅 or Me?🥺

    Tonight, the long-lost Yuna filled in for me! This time she is going to play three theme songs of FFX and FFX-2 at once, every song is a memory~~(つд`゚)
    Yuna: Tifa, Rinoa or Me? 🥺

  3. Another great medley songs will come to us. Btw, Yuna RuRu was incredible.

  4. 今天竟然是抒情鋼琴組合!好像很適合編寫作業邊聽XD!最近又要考試,我們一起加油~~!!!!

  5. 封面RuRu好美麗,真的覺得是遊戲中的女主角跑出來,最終夢幻歌曲很好聽,很多人滿滿的回憶。

  6. FFシリーズ好き


  7. A wonderful combination of your Incredibly beautiful covers of this magical music.
    Thank you Ru’s Piano

  8. This was incredible. From the first note I was instantly transported back to my childhood playing this game and all the happy memories I have from it. Thank you for the nostalgia, and the great music.

  9. Seriously everything about this video is just beautiful. The melody, the artist and the equipment 👏😶

  10. Ru’sさんの弾くピアノは淑やかで優しい気持ちになります。いつも不思議に思ってるのですが低い音から高い音まで一音一音はっきり聞こえます。変な表現かも知れませんがピアノが嫌がって無い、弦が気持ち良さそうに音を出してる気持ちの良い音です。

  11. RuRuさん



  12. 真是舒服的音樂,被療癒了,似乎遇到的困難都開始有了解決的方案了~

  13. never get tired listening to FFX’s soundtrack, makes me wanna replay it again haha

  14. Oh man the nostalgia in this, right in the feels. Beautiful medly cover, Ru. As always. 💕
    Sen no kotoba is still one of my favourite FF love songs to date.

  15. 最終夢幻歌曲真是好聽~~尤其是用鋼琴彈奏出來的抒情版~~真的讓人回憶起這些經典作品~尤其還是11分鐘的串燒~~真的可以讓人深入其境~~可以好好的放鬆身心~讓自己可以擺脫短暫的現實中的煩惱~好好聆聽鋼琴彈奏的抒情版美妙音律~讓人忘卻煩惱~靜心的聆聽作品和回憶這部作品~真的是絕妙的享受~~

    也辛苦RU RU老師剪了一晚的影片鋼琴演奏歌曲結果被YT平台用版權給紅標..被紅標也就等於沒有了收入了~~本想要斗內的..但可惜只能等下次RU RU老師新上傳的鋼琴演奏作品~希望至少可以替這支影片補個斗內~也辛苦RU RU老師剪了一個晚上至早晨..花了一晚的辛勞和付出..最後被版權給紅標..有點無言和無奈!!!

  16. 20年了,旋律還是如此的動聽
    就跟當年宇多田光的Frist Love一樣扣人心弦

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