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Hey people,.
Here is my plan of in 5 levels of trouble!

And as constantly, enjoy!

0:00 Level 0: INTRODUCTION.
0:15 Level 1: EASY.
0:23 Level 2: NOVICE.
0:32 Level 3: INTERMEDIATE.
0:47 Level 4: HARD.
1:01 Level 5: PROFESSIONAL.

Title: .
Initial Artist: JVKE.

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  1. Man I subscribed to you a while ago this is really helping me out right now thanks!

    1. its been a “trend” can you even call it like that? anyway this song is going around for a while 😂 seen plenty of shorts with this song alrdy

  2. Currently at 500+ views (uploaded 15 mins ago), let’s see how many views it’ll get in the next few days or months, it’s gonna blow up 🚀 awesome skills!

  3. Man found a new spicy way to showcase arrangement. This was epic.

    Now do a 1hour version of this song:^)

  4. Hi fonzi! I am in the process of learning your chainsaw man op cover and was wondering if ,when i am done, i could get permission to upload a video of me playing it? Great arrangement as allways, sincerely – Ollie

  5. 12am here for me in Sydney and boy was it worth it. Unexpected but beautifully well done keep up the great work 🔥

  6. I noticed you played the correct key but you’re digital piano plays it a half lower, is it to avoid copyright?

  7. you managed to give the same effect as the music video… felt chills… kudos dude:)

  8. Hello, Fonzi! Is there any chance you could do a cover of the Katanagatari op?(Meiya-Kadenrou) If so, how much would it cost?

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