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. Chat Guidelines.
1. Don't spam in the chat! Specifically do not spam tune demands numerous times as I have actually probably currently seen your message. Remember, I'm only one person, I can't play everyone's demand from the chat.
2. Don't spam song requests when it is NOT a music/ stream.
3. Treat each other with regard and be good! No fighting!
4. Do not argue.
5. Do not self-advertise your own things.
6. Don't slam or bad mouth other individuals.
7. Don't exceedingly swear or talk with foul language in my chat.
8. Do not have off topic conversations in the chat! Please respect the stream!

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. Stream Details.
As this is a live stream where I am performing songs on the , please know the following conditions, specifically if and when donating for a (concern) song demand:.

– If Paid Requests are OPEN, that means you can ask for any ANIME or Japanese songs in modern-day pop culture (ie. from Vocaloid, Touhou, Yorushika etc) you desire me to play on the piano by donating a MINIMUM of $5 USD in Streamlabs. For songs I do not understand or have actually never heard in the past, I will try to instantly work it out by ear and also play a little section (as much as 30 seconds; ie. a chorus or hook) back to you!
Despite whether I have actually heard of or can play the song or not, I will discover an area, improvise over it and play it back for you on the piano by ear! This is called a Live Learn.
All donation song requests will get top priority during the stream and will be played in the order in which the contribution has been received on stream in chronological order.
PLEASE NOTE: I can not play or improvise classical or jazz songs, and I book the right to decrease a Live Learn if I deem your song demand too tough to discover on the area or if the song lacks any melody/. Please have a backup request prepared simply in case!

– If Paid Requests are OPEN (2 ), this implies that there is a limitation on Paid Demands where I will NOT be doing a Live Learn. You can still request an ANIME or Japanese song in contemporary popular culture (ie. from Vocaloid, Touhou, Yorushika etc) that I know and desire me to use the piano by donating a MINIMUM of $5 USD in Streamlabs. However, unlike above, I will NOT be learning any brand-new songs I have actually never ever heard prior to and don't know . You can have a few backup requests if you're uncertain what songs I have the ability to play, considering that the tune list file linked listed below might be obsoleted.
All contribution song demands will get top priority throughout the stream and will be played in the order in which the donation has been received on stream in sequential order.

– If Paid Requests are CLOSED, this implies that I am NOT taking any tune demands from contributions and any contributions received when paid requests are closed purely becomes a suggestion to support me.

– Please likewise keep in mind that whilst I might play your contribution request if I know the tune, I reserve the right to decline your song demand if I feel unpleasant playing it.

Normally, chat suggestions for anime tunes to play are most welcome!

My Tune List ^ (songs I understand how to play):.

^ this list might be dated and I probably understand more tunes than what is listed.
—————————————- – —–.
I will read the chat throughout the live stream. Unfortunately, there is a 20 2nd hold-up till I read your chat messages so keep that in mind while talking in chat.

Please Note: For the defense of the banner, it is specified here that any and all donations made are last and non-refundable. You consent to no chargebacks and understand that VODs and this text can and will be used in case of a PayPal dispute.

Playing Anime Songs on Piano!

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