Kimi no Na wa「Nandemonaiya / RADWIMPS」Ru’s Piano Cover | Your Name ED

Kimi no Na wa「 / 」Ru's Piano Cover
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Kimi no Na wa「Nandemonaiya / RADWIMPS」Ru's Piano Cover | ED

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  1. The best ED from Kimi no Na wa. 一首遲到6年的神曲、一部重溫當年感動的音樂
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    🎹「なんでもないや Nandemonaiya」楽譜 Sheet:Upload later

  2. なんでもないや!!!
    該不會是「君の名は。」的補完計畫吧>< 剩下一首夢灯籠 なんでもないや這首的旋律配上歌詞真的是眼淚炸彈QAQ 衛生紙要先準備好了 歌詞怎麼可以寫的這麼好… 跟劇情可以說是相輔相成的 超期待三葉Ru的改編!

  3. 有些歌曲雖然會遲到,但是RuRu從不讓他們缺席
    你的名字超感人片尾曲「別來無恙 / なんでもないや」,今晚就透過RuRu的琴聲找回當年的感動吧 (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

  4. Legaia 2 duel Saga Main Menu paino Cover, Gundam Build Fighters try Cerulean paino Cover, Gundam build Divers Rearise paino Cover. eu Desejo-lhe muito sucesso e grandes conquistas

  5. Oh heck yes! Kimi No Na Wa was such a great film, and this great song to end the film really did double duty, first matching the sense of searching after Taki and Mitsuha glimpsed each other on the trains, and then tying it all together during the end credits. I have been hoping RuRu would cover this for a long time, it’s like a dream come true.

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