Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) – Billy Joel (Piano & Cello Cover) The Piano Guys

"Lullabye" (Goodnight My Angel) by Billy Joel & from .
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Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) – Billy Joel (Piano & Cello ) The Piano Guys

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  1. This Billy Joel song is hauntingly beautiful and reminds me of our son who died suddenly of an accidental drug overdose in his mid-20’s. Well done rendition, Piano Guys. Goodnight angel son….see you again at heaven’s door.

    1. @Hunter-nu7uw
      Same, only it was my 30 year old nephew, Arik😢

    2. ​​@Rolling With My “Boys”@Hunter-nu7uw

      My deep condolences for Your loss.

  2. This song always makes me cry when it first came out when I heard it I broke down my kids and grandkids are pretty much grown now miss having little one’s around anymore I have 3 daughters and 11 grandkids my 2 youngest are 11 and 14 doubt I will live long enough to see my great grandkids I just have too much wrong. I have had too many close calls 2 in the past few months my body just crashes or my meds don’t go through my body and I overdose because my body didn’t get the first meds digested then had pneumonia 2x and a exacerbation of my COPD AND heart failure with the last hospitalization. I love listening to your music my Dad played the piano and organ and drums and accordion so music was always in my home growing up.

  3. I love the original Billy Joel track, love his live recordings even more, love the King’s Singers/VOCES8 version, and now I love this TPG version. It’s just such a good song, you can’t go wrong. Hope we get to hear it tomorrow night in Phoenix!

  4. This was beyond beautiful.. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing rendition of a wonderful song! <3

  5. I miss your videos. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be disabling notifications. 🙁 I love and your music. Take care.

  6. Хотелось бы видеть вас, а не заставку, хотя музыка шикарная

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