Playing Piano During a Bomb Raid – The Piano Guys’ Mom

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Matt Whitaker has been working for years to share the true story of Helmuth Hübener, a 16-year old Nazi resistance fighter who offered his life for reality. Over twenty years ago he interviewed Jon Schmidt's () mother, who knew Helmuth and even dated among the kids in his resistance group 80 years back. Matt sat down with Jon and discussed the interview and about Jon's memories of his mommy's stories.

Playing Piano During a Bomb Raid – ' Mom

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  1. This is such an amazing opportunity, thank you so much for all of this! 🙂


  3. I met a woman 8 years ago born in Poland who escaped the Nazi by walking for miles through the sewers with her mother and younger siblings. She was an incredible woman. Eventually they all made it to NYC and then to Massachusetts. She became a nurse and first responder. I was truly blessed to have been able to spend a couple days with her before she passed away. Such an amazing woman to have survived so much while taking care of her entire family during such horrific times.

  4. I hope The Piano Guys can perform in the TV series when it comes out. Thank you for sharing this story and your mom’s experience.

  5. Over on the Diego Spitaleri channel, he plays a song “TARANTELLA LENTA – Slava Ukraïni!” which features air raid sirens. The air raid siren is such a tragic sound, knowing what comes after it 🙁

  6. Now I wanna hear the song Madame Schmidt mentioned. “Joy to Life” I tried looking it up on youtube and I couldn’t find it.

  7. Read the story of Horatio Spafford. The man who wrote the song, “It is well with my soul”

  8. I have chills and tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this story and for making the mini series.
    My uncle Marian grew up in an area of Poland that is now a part of the Ukraine. During his teens, he came home one day during WWII, and he found his home had been bombed. His mom and sister’s were nowhere to be found. He went off in search of them and other family, but never found one. He eventually made his way to Italy and from there was able to make it to America with one of his dear friends.
    This is why I’m so happy you are telling these stories. They need to be told and remembered so we can learn from them.

  9. my respect for the Piano Guys and Jon and his family never stops growing. you guys are amazing!!

  10. My grandfather was a B-17 Navigator in the war. I have pictures of his left hand leather navigators glove (because he was right handed) with dates and locations written upon it. It has Hamburg listed as, “14. Hamburg 18 June ’44”. Just imagine what it took for that piano story to come out, and for Jon to be sitting there telling the story to us. Amazing! Thank you guys always for everything you do! May God bless you for sharing this video with the world.

  11. This is such a powerful story! I hope everyone can back it so it can be made.

  12. David Lee Roth’s Singing teacher would sing and provide distraction.
    Van Halen’s Father would play music in the subways while they were bombing.
    Great interview!

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