SLAM DUNK「Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai / Anata Dake Mitsumeter / Sekai ga Owaru Made wa」Ru’s Piano

SLAM DUNK Songs Piano Medley
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Song List:
3:04 Anata Dake Mitsumete
6:08 Sekai ga Owaru Made wa

🎼「」Sheet Music Link

🎼「Anata Dake Mitsumeteru」Sheet Music Link

🎼「Sekai ga Owaru Made wa」Sheet Music Link

Piano Arranged and Performed by RuRu
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SLAM DUNK「Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai / Anata Dake Mitsumeter / Sekai ga Owaru Made wa」Ru's Piano

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  1. 「老頭子,你最光榮的時刻是何時?是代表全日本嗎?而我,只有現在了!」
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    🎹「君が好きだと叫びたい」楽譜 Sheet Music:
    🎹「あなただけ見つめてる」楽譜 Sheet Music:
    🎹「世界が終るまでは」楽譜 Sheet Music:

    1. ‘’I just Crazy for you, only you’’





      _ Someone who admires you a lot from the bottom of his heart

  2. 灌籃高手最新劇場版《THE FIRST SLAM DUNK》今天在日本上映了!相信這個消息讓許多人沉睡的籃球魂又再次燃起(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و🏀


    1. Looking forward to this premiere, and reminiscing about basketball times…

      Hey old man, let’s not fight anymore….

      Now I’m going to finish you off!!! hahahaha…..


      🏀💥 Understanders will understand 💥🏀

  3. 好期待灌籃高手劇場版>< 三首超級經典歌曲回憶殺 想到旋律眼眶就莫名的泛淚QQ 這三首都有「讓人不要放棄,勇往直前的力量」尤其是直到世界盡頭,這首在夜深人靜自 己一個人聆聽更有不同感覺,會想到三井壽的後悔跟遺憾,然後大哭一場讓明天的自己更有動力繼續努力!

  4. 今晚要去三創演出,直播暫停一次唷!

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