The BEST Chainsaw Man ED so far…


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Hey guys,
Here is my arrangement of the Chainsaw Man Ending Theme (ED 1), CHAINSAW BLOOD!

And as always, enjoy!

Original Artist: Vaundy

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The BEST Chainsaw Man ED so far…

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    1. Aimer is one of my favourite JP singer so my favourite is ED9 (Aimer – Deep Down)

    2. Fav ed2 and ed 8, ed1 gets too fast boring for me but it’s still a amazing song to vibe to

  1. Crazy how even with 11 different endings, no one surpassed Chainsaw Blood

    1. @M.T.A KIM You mean the first JJK opening? Because the one I mentioned isn’t out yet.

    2. @attackoncam wdym. Lost in paradise is the ending not opening. JJK opening is kaikai kitan. how do you like something thats not out yet

    3. @attackoncam ouhh no. the eve song i mentioned is the dororo one. not fight song

  2. FR chainsaw blood goes so damn hard and for me the second ending takes the second place and third goes to Deep Down imo

  3. The reason why this ED is the best is because CHAINSAW BLOOD compliments KICK BACK.
    The song has decent build up and character that makes you want to listen all over and over again.

  4. The best 3 EDs in order:

    1: -4th
    2: -1th (would be first if id had visuals)
    3: 3th

    This show made me purchase half the manga for 90€ its just so good.

  5. Me decepcionaron casi todos los endings, los únicos buenos a mi parecer son el 1 y el 2, y puede que talvez haya otro pero que yo recuerde solo esos eran los buenos

  6. My top 3 of best ed
    1: First ending (just insane)
    2: Eight ending “First Death”
    3: Fifth ending

  7. My Ranking of Chainsaw Man’s endings (in terms of music and compatibility) so far:

    1) Chainsaw Blood ED1 (Kinda a perfect song for me)
    2) First Death ED8 (tied with ED3)
    3) Hawatari 2-Oku Centi ED3 (if they release the full version I would put it higher)
    4) DOGLAND ED10 (another perfect song for me)
    5) Time Left ED2 (The bass is soooo good)
    6) Chu, Taiyousei ED7 (So many great layers)
    7) In The Back Room ED5 (No one wouldnt vibe to this, tied with ED4 and 7)
    8) Jouzai ED4 (POWAAAHHH)
    9) Deep Down (Great writing and insane vocals but just not my type)
    10) Rendezvous ED6 (Groovy af but not much going on in the back)
    11) Violence ED11 (Decent vocals, simple beat)

    The last ending is gonna be from E ve guys so get ready for a banger!

  8. My top 3 ed (subjective): < 1: Ending 5 In the backrooms by Syudou 2: Ending 8 First Death by TK 3: Ending 3 Hawatari 2-oku Centi by Maximum the Hormone

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