When Makima Plays「Time Left」Chainsaw Man ED2 | Ru’s Piano Cover

When Makima Plays「 ED2
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When Makima Plays「Time Left」 ED2 | Ru's Piano Cover

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  1. 這次的封面就是某平行世界的結局(?)… 淀治表示嚇爆
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    1. 汪汪!!!今晚下班比較晚,首播沒跟上~留言推起來!!!改編的太讚了

    2. Ru i’m your number one fan I love watching all your videos and I love your music

  2. コスプレの悪魔とピアノの悪魔…

  3. 汪汪!

  4. Amaaazing and incredible every time! You’re literally so good!!

  5. 超喜歡 RuRu 改編的版本啊啊啊 😭😭😭 要開始無限重播了!
    希望這部的點閱率也能衝起來,這部影片的一切都太完美了 ❤
    RuRu X Makima ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥

  6. I absolutely love when you start to enjoy playing it than it really takes off, btw if anyone hasn’t noticed it there are subs as well. Great job as usual.

  7. As always beautiful performance, another complex song I suppose, but this one is to be congratulated, I loved your version, when Rukima always plays it always touches my heart 💗

    Next step see the lyrics more calmly, and at the end しゃしん( 写真 )

    Perfect and I love it all

    Love you

  8. 今回の演奏は、本当に高貴できらびやかで優美で素敵過ぎます(>_<)。

  9. Increible trabajo Ru, perfecto como siempre!!!

  10. RuRu, thank you for your warm performance in this winter. Be careful not to catch a cold in this winter. Always get refreshed
    Thank you for the music that’Ah.

  11. Really good performance, I particularly loved yout left hand’s funky sound, that sounded really good!

  12. Excelente como siempre, muchas gracias, 👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Oh, those Bouncing, Dancing Hands! Very enjoyable song, too!
    Love your videos, RuRu! 🥰

  14. la mejor de las mejores que buena es siempre tu música al piano amo esta canción y tu forma de tocar love RuRu hoy y siempre

  15. Watching it again, and I realized that it is more complex than I imagined to make this adaptation for the piano, you are amazing and I am so proud of you, thank you so much for always working so hard, you are not only an amazing professional and pianist, you are an amazing gentle and delicate woman who has a kind heart, I see that in you. That’s why and not just why I admire you.

    Anyway, next see the lyrics of the song.

    If I start I won’t stop 😂


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