Why your pianist friend never answers the phone! PT 2 #shorts

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Why your pianist friend never answers the phone! PT 2 #shorts

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  1. Well, you have to admit, this must be one of the coolest reasons not to answer a telephone call, right☎️😉

  2. I love this part 2 🤣 You guys are so creative when it comes to these shorts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Next time, he finally arrives at your house, looks at you funny when he finds out what has been going on all this time, but then decides to go along with it, and grabs his cello and starts playing, but then the piano guy doesn’t approve add does something radical 😉

    1. Funny Idea🤣 but in my opinion the end would be better if he approve….. and they keep playing together…and then Nelson’s phone rings and they play some more 😅

    2. @Lii Porta it is so great that we have the internet, where we can all share our opinions with complete strangers.

  4. That’s great bud, but please answer your phone. I have some info on your extended car warranty.

  5. As a dancer I can responsibly declare: when somebody call – we dance😅

  6. next time he could wait alone in the restaurante 😅

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