I asked AI to create SONGS based on Roblox games

Text to music utilizing v3

Lyrics were made either in Chat GPT or directly in with a short description. Songs were created in under 60 seconds …
00:00 Jailbreak (Synth Funk).
01:10 (80s Rock).
01:56 Doors (Trap).
02:54 Rainbow Pals (Deathcore).
03:54 The Mimic (Dream Pop).
04:56 Bladeball (70s Rock).
06:08 Embrace Me (Jazz).
07:53 Garten of Banban (Synthwave).
09:54 Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense (Anthemic Rock).
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I asked AI to create SONGS based on games

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  1. Piggy and Doors sounded great. Both could be potential for a full song. The Minic, too.

    Jailbreak, Rainbow Friends, and Adopt Me, not to sure.

    B-Slick can sing the Blade Ball song better.

  2. IMPORTANT: This video was made as an experiment to see how far along AI music has progressed. As a musician and a composer I’m not at all happy about these tools, but I understand there is absolutely nothing I can do about them becoming widely available. My best hope is that they can be used as a tool to assist the songwriting process and not replace it, although I am totally shocked at how good these sound already. In 6 months time who knows how good they will be.

  3. This is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard. Especially the Piggy one. It sounds really good but gets the lore completely wrong

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