Kraxicorde Kraken Theme – Orchestral Remix Version – Piggy Roblox

Here is my orchestral variation of the style for from Piggy Roblox.
Composed by Vampire.
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Kraxicorde – Orchestral Remix Version – Piggy Roblox

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  2. Oh this is unexpected. However, this remix was amazing! 👏 A new vibe to the classic soundtrack.
    Great job on this remix version! 👍 Loved it.

  3. This is great!
    Can you consider making sheet music for this? I’d love to try and play it some time.

  4. It’s dreamy and mysterious. It feels like we’re in a new world! It’s so nice!

  5. I am a Gen X-er who has mostly lived under a rock so I don’t know any of the music, but I am so glad I subscribed to this channel! I enjoy the variety of music. Also, as someone with dyscalculia, I find the visuals are helping me to understand the value of notes. I feel it’s developing my brain in spatial and number sense ways, that I can’t experience in other ways. It is very challenging, but wonderful! Yay for neuroplasticity!

    Also, the focus helps me with chronic pain, and other symptom management, as my attention is focused on something else. I have varying degrees of brain fog, and the music combined with the visuals help with maintaining my ability to concentrate. I think it’s especially challenging for my brain because I also have sound – visual synaesthesia, and my synaesthesia visual of the audio in no way matches the video!

    I always had a huge problem with rhythm and note value, which was terrible in a musician! But now I understand more about why! Not only that, I can feel that, although a challenge, it has become easier as my brain has been developing its deficits from watching this channel for nearly 1 year.

    Your videos would be fantastic for children! Especially those, like me, who need extra help with specific areas of brain development. Not just for kids learning music, but for them, definitely.

    Maybe you could develop a program of a series from simple to more complex, with different packages of styles of music to suit certain musical tastes, including one of mixed styles. I was once a music teacher to twin 6 -7 year olds, so that’s probably why I am thinking along the lines of education. But also, people with concentration difficulties, maybe ADHD, as well as ADD, and brain fog from long Covid, and other conditions (I have C.F.S/ M.E)., and also dementia, or heavy vehicle drivers to refocus, are likely to benefit.

    Your videos are perfect for people like me who have limited/ no mobility, except eye tracking ( I have eye muscle tracking problems, too, but your videos help with that, too!), who could develop their brain by just watching, rather than having to do tasks. Perhaps you could set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ , or something, to support a psychological study into the positive effects of your work. I see so many applications! But maybe this is just something you do for fun, and have no interest in developing anything further. I just hope more people find your channel!

    As a small of thanks to you, Piano Vampire, I thought I could give you this positive feedback with some ideas of possibilities you may not have considered. You may not have realised these beneficial effects of your art. If you ever need an endorsement for promoting your channel, or more ideas, I would be very happy to oblige!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments – and thank you for the tip!
      It’s a real eye opener what you have said, I’ve never thought that this style of video could actually be beneficial for certain medical and neurological conditions – it’s great to hear such interesting and kind feedback as quite often you need a thick skin for the comment section on YouTube!
      I only really started making the Synthesia videos when it became obvious that people could learn from them without any language barrier, and it was easier for people to learn as opposed to a walk through with a real piano. Since then I got more into being creative and making game soundtracks and remixes of other stuff because that’s genuinely what I love to do.
      I also have a few other channels on YouTube, the channel Nerd Chorus is associated with this channel which is more for memes and gaming, as is pianoandkeys – the idea of which is to make very easy piano tutorials for things that mainly kids watch.
      I’ll bear in mind what you have said regarding the psychological research possibilities.
      Thanks so much, your comment has given me a boost and kept me motivated!

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