Blue Bird (2022 ver.) – Naruto Shippuuden OP3 [Piano] / Ikimono-gakari

It's time for a remake of – among my favorite Anime OP's of perpetuity! This new variation has an improved balanced feel and I added new variations also. This brand-new variation is also consisted of in the Animenz book vol. 1! ()

( longer video description operate in progress! Please look back later on).

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plan by Animenz.

Original Tune: .
Anime: Naruto Shippuuden/ NARUTO -- 疾風伝.
Released by: Impressive Records Japan Inc. (2008 ).
Made up by: Yoshiki Mizuno/ 水野 良樹.
Carried out by: Ikimono-gakari/ .
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#naruto #narutoshippuden #bluebird.

Blue Bird (2022 ver.) – Naruto Shippuuden OP3 [Piano] / Ikimono-gakari

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  2. New versions of older arrangements have truly shown how Animenz evolves, innovates and matures over the years.
    Looking forward to more Animenz 2.0s and 3.0s!

    1. 3.0…? Basically a remake of a remake?
      Hm, interesting (´・ω・`)
      Very interesting…

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets you should post the 2020 version on YouTube and make a video with all 3 to show the evolution of the arrangement

  3. Sometimes i wonder how animenz’s remakes can be better than his previous versions and then it just blows it out the water so now im really hype for this. Also can you pls make the komi san cant communicate op covers, they’re too much of a bop to go untouched by your hands.

    1. SECOND THIS!! Please do the Komi can’t communicate Op’s and Ed’s 🥰

    2. Speaking of Komi can’t communicate ops I would love to here a piano version of the season 2 outro

  4. His way of adapting the rythm of the song in his left hand is just awsm you can really see how not messing many keys on piano can help the piece look better it all about the chord progression and the dynamic and 1:23 is just insane as it sounds and he probably would have understood this in the starting of his piano and at arrangements and the sudden pitch change at 2:30 is just godly probably my favourite we are blessed with his arrangements thank you GOD and thank u Animenz

  5. Actually, it feels like this piece has become more conscious and mature over time. Even in performance, you can feel it from the first notes. So well did you convey the atmosphere of those days when we watched the beginning of Naruto Shippuden. Bravo, Animenz!

    1. Anime piano arrangements are like a good wine: They mature and grow better with every passing year (I hope 😂)

  6. I was having a lack of motivation to play Piano but after watching this my motivation and determination has skyrocketed…

  7. blue bird was the first song brought me to this channel. After these years, it is still amazing to hear this song again yet in a different interpretation. thank you so much.

  8. I still wonder if I’ll ever watch Naruto but this song is just such a classic! This rearrangement has a very nice flow to it :3 Great work!!!

    1. @Pierrotz – Anime on Piano I really like it. I’m currently about 150 episodes into Shippuden. Honestly, I would recommend skipping some of the filler. (Like the last 100 or so episodes of Naruto are all filler). Some of the filler arcs are better than others. I actually really like the Shippuden filler arcs so far. They still add to the story a little bit even though they aren’t canon.

    2. There is a guide on the internet which teaches you how to watch the Naruto Anime while skipping all the fillers (Although I actually did like some of the filler arcs…)

    3. @Animenz Piano Sheets I’m not sure if the weeb part of me could accept me skipping fillers^^’

  9. Those articulate grace notes were really fun to listen to, I also really love the more rhythmic vibe of this remake.

  10. no sharingan will copy such a piano playing technique, you are a master of your craft! Good luck to you❤️

    I’m glad I waited before learning your previous blue bird arrangement. Not saying it was bad but sometimes it felt a bit suffocating or hard to for the player to make the sound clean unless at high skill level. But this arrangement…
    I love it. It’s a very good « rebrand » and evolution in your arrangement style, I look forward to what is to come!

  12. Love the sound of the bass.
    Naruto content is always a plus <3

    Love how much variations you've put into the same melody line for the chorus and verse.

  13. Man I woke up to this master piece, I can feel the song itself when you are playing it, I felt that you put your heart in every one of your performances. Your jumps are so precise and I can feel the notes that u played.

  14. Some of my thought to this gorgeous arrangement:
    The 2022 version of bule bird is a much more polished arrangement compared to the original edition, I will first note some of my favorite change Animenz made:
    0:41 the melody is separated to different octave this time to create a ‘call and response’ effect. (they were originally in the same octave) Although I prefer a more sustain middle voice like you did in 2020 bilibili version, both are very good.

    1:01 the left hand rhythm is slightly change which is so much better than the original one, but you remove the last note of the left hand second voice ( B C# D ‘’C#’’ ) , but interestingly, that C4# still ring in my brain, maybe it’s the resonance from a higher octave (C5#)?

    1:07-1:17 similarly, the left hand pattern in this section is way more rhythmic than the original version, and so as the rhythm of right hand ornament at 1:09 and 1:15, which gives a brilliant color to the sound, I would say it requires some practice to play it cleanly.

    1:24 so satisfying to smash that C2#

    1:36 this is definitely one of my favorite change, the pedaling is CRISP, a fantastic choice as a lead in to the quiet yet colorful ‘call and response’ section.

    1:49 a nice ornament

    1:51-2:06 I really love this section:
    First, at 1:53 and 1:56, what you do is just adding a note to a lower octave (A5 and B5 respectively), that add a lot of excitement to this section, but I prefer a more staccato sound and a dryer pedal as you did in 2020 bilibili version.
    Secondly, at 2:01, same pattern as original version but the sound is so good so I want to mention it anyway.
    Thirdly, at 2:04, very energetic left hand which was originally used at 3:10. (and you use a timpani-like left hand at 3:10 this time.)

    Btw, is that a wrong note at 2:02 during the run? It should be E# instead of E, or you did that intentionally? (Because I also played it wrong, i.e. E, when I learned it, and it took me some time to get a correct muscle memory for E# ,haha)
    Btw again, nice right hand ornament at 2:00 (God, the time stamp is not precise enough!!!! )

    2:49 very beautiful dotted rhythm, and the following 2:52 has a beautiful implementation of dry pedal, which are way more expressive than the original version.

    3:13 and 3:37, little variation in the melody is always fantastic for the climax and ending section.

    That’s about it for the ‘difference’ I notice, then, Let’s move on to some random thoughts:

    0:06 is an elegant little pause, very elegant.

    0:09 I never get tired of that left hand second voice.

    1:38-1:45 a delicate call and response section, you can see Animenz hold the last note of both the higher voice and lower voice to the next pedal so the two voice is sustained, just like they are singing to each other (e.g. 1:39 A4, 1:40 G5#, 1:41 F4#, 1:42 C5#). Similar technique is also used at 2:42

    2:57 marvelous multi-voice section similar to the original version, I especially like the left hand voice at 3:02, It gives me a kinda-poignant feeling.

    Ok, maybe we should end this here, hope I didn’t type the wrong time stamp.

    Last but not least, I recently uploaded a cover of Animenz’s Snow halation with LONG description, feel free to drop by!

    1. Someone beat me while I was still writing the detailed video description!
      Amazing, you have pretty much mentioned every single new element in this arrangement and you even noticed the small articulations.
      Please leave more comments like this please in the future! 💖

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets Im really liking the call and response take on the melody on blue bird and other more recent pieces like hyori ittai!

  15. While I like this arrangement, the original seems to do justice to the song the most. Keep up the work animenz!!!!

  16. Animenz never gives up the pursuit of any possibility to make the music perfect!!
    This is why we love and admire him so much <3

  17. I’ve followed this account for about a few years now, because of your beautiful playing. I slowly grew fond of playing a piano, and now here i am learning how to play. Thank you so much🥰 (Sorry for my wrong grammar)

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