What are chords? – Piano Lesson

Assistance me: Skip 1.45 for the .
Here's an awesome trick bear in mind :
00:00 Intro – avoid for
01:45 Keys, tones & semitones
03:36 chords
04:48 Left hand

What are chords? – Lesson

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  1. Yeah, really good tutorial – would be nice, if you continue with some more of this basic music-theory.
    (Sorry for my english)

  2. I am very interrested in this. I know how to play the piano but actually canteither read notes/chords and cant do it by ear too ( sounds strange I know) but somehow I made to play the piano.
    Thanks a lot I hope there will be more of those tutorials so I can learn a bit more^^

  3. isnt it trippy to think of who would have invented the piano and how they got the notes progress correctly

    1. Mario Capistran the piano is actually fairly recent. I think it’s just a more modern version of keyboard instruments like the harpsichord. Also if you start learning music theory you’ll realize the maths behind intervals, and how it’s all so simple but precise, like for example the fact that going up an octave makes the pitch double.

    2. Yep, theres a video my local PBS shows about the new city cathedral and trying to “voice” the tones on the brand new pipe organ so that the tones sound correct throughout the cathedral and dont fight each other or sound off. Its like…thinking about sound in a dimensional way. Crazy!

    3. It was invented by Francis Piano when he wanted to make asian children cry

    1. I started learning at 7 but I stoped and now im practicing my note reading again and im learning chords nao :ll andim currently 13

  4. wow!!!! I played by ear and always wondered what these 3rds/5th ment. Thankyou. awesome vids. I’m going to be watching all of them. I’ve learned so much just from this vid. you are a wicked teacher. thankyou ☺

  5. something I’m really wondering about is how to add melody to the music while reading chords. What keys should I play and when? What do I do between chords?

  6. there are always 7 semitones between 1st and 5th. for major chords, you press the key of the chord you want to play, count four semitones up, and hit that key (so theres three semitones between the two youre pressing) and then count three more and press that (so theres two keys between your 3rd and 5th). to make it a minor key, move your 3rd down one semitone.

    hope this helps someone

  7. Hi Huw!

    I love your piano lessons and find them very helpful for learning to play the piano.

    After learning mostly by reading sheet music for several years, though, I’ve noticed that I’m often bored, and never really get to that “fluency” I felt when I used to learn (easy songs) by ear.

    Therefore, I’m wondering if you would be kind to name the few essential exercises or things I need to learn in order to learn music by ear?

    I would also appreciate any links you might have!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you very much, Huw: It makes a lot of sense that there are some strong supporting beams (chords) in an intricately detailed house full of different floors, furniture, and windows (the whole song)!

      Will add that gem of wisdom to my piano playing.

      Upward and onward!

  8. sir I’m a basic student so if u can just start playing and teach some tips in the music in keyboard Pls pls little easier to learn 😊😊

  9. I feel your pain. I too once tried to become a piano. i tried using my fingers and toes as keys but they just kept falling off and i quickly became irritated. Years later i am ready to give it another shot because I can now learn in more than one octave! Anyway i hope this is as exciting for you as it is for me. i have a bowl of cereal waiting for me in the kitchen thats been cooking all day so im gonna go now. I will soon be a real music note!

    1. what?? you tried to *become a piano* then now you’re *trying to be a music note*???

    2. …..what the hell? Piano turns music note? Bowl of cereal cooking all day?!

    1. @Nijan your grandma sounds like a nice person to be around with. How’s she doing? :!) Hope she’s well!!

  10. 1:47 is the startof the tutorial, but the little introduction is really nice. makes it feel home-y

  11. You are so lucky to have such a supporting parents.My parents just tell me to study everytime..I wanna learn new things though🙄

  12. Love, love, love these lessons so far. I’m using them to teach my daughter. I tried a traditional book and she made little progress and didn’t like it. She has completed the first two of these lessons and can’t wait to do more!

  13. i really like the way you explain things and was wondering if there’s a channel teaching like you *but for the guitar*

  14. This is the best .For the first time I understood the chords without getting confused. Thank you

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