6 pop songs that aren’t actually crap

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0:00 Intro.
1:03 Meet Me At Our Spot by THE ANXIETY.
2:00 Seventeen Going Under by .
2:46 ZITTI E BUONI by Måneskin.
3:38 Forget Me Too by Gatling Gun Kelly (ft. Halsey).
4:45 Flowkey.
5:28 Better Than Ever by .
7:55 death bed by Powfu (ft. beabadoobee).
9:06 Honourable discusses.

6 pop songs that aren't actually crap

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  1. Would love to see a “6 Pop Songs that are actually crap” video lol

    1. Yeah, the whole premise here is that almost all pop is crap, so the inversion would be something like 6 well-known concertos that are actually crap.

    2. You just did. All the songs in this video are actually crap. I am astonished that a guy as smart and musically sophisticated as David Bennett thinks they are good. maybe he is trying to maintain the connection with Gen Z who actually likes this stuff.

  2. Thanks for this one. I’ve found myself mourning the state of modern music.

    That being said, I do not like the first one at all.

    1. listen to the live/tiktok version if u can find it. Much better imo, sounds much more like 2 people singing the music rather than 10 or so kids chanting it

  3. “Songs I can just put up with… Ed Sheerhan” 🤣😂🤣 I actually laughed out loud

    1. A quarter million people over 3 days at Wembley paid a lot of money to “put up” with ES and his loop pedal. Just sayin’

    2. @Richard Farley I am not sure the turn out is a true measurement of artistic integrity (also I not saying) 👍

  4. Interesting list. Some interesting things there. Btw., the å in Måneskin is pronounced like the word awe. The band is Italian but the word is Danish. 🙂

  5. Hey David, have you checked out Quadeca’s music? His production style is quite interesting and unique

  6. for me, it all boils down what we consider pop. There is an ocean of wonderful pop music with many interesting concept, i.e. Rina Sawayama, Mitski, Jessie Ware, Carly Rae Jepsen (yes, Emotion is the album of the decade) or whole hyperpop genre. It can be really interesting in terms of production, composition and inspirations

  7. Benee’s really cool too… her song Supalonely was in the top 40 (though I do think the charts are kinda irrelevant now) not too long ago. Give her a listen if you haven’t before! She does a cover of Somebody that I used to know which is pure 🔥🔥

  8. I really appreciate that you try to hard to goodmouth the contemporary pop music. But honestly: I would consider every single one of them as crap.

  9. I knew that happier than ever would be on the list it is a very interesting peace of music.

  10. Not a fan of the snarky title of this video, feels very unusual for your channel. but love all the song recommendations and everything else about the video!

  11. I remember when my gen thought we discovered punk through Green Day when American Idiot came out. I feel like Maneskin is kinda like that for this generation and rock.

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