Anson Seabra – Welcome To Wonderland (Piano Karaoke)

Anson Seabra – Invite To Wonderland ()|Instrumental with lyrics
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✘ Version Notes ✘.
Pace is 62 bpm. The key is E Major.


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00:00 Intro.
00:15 Verse.
00:46 Chorus.
01:17 Verse 2.
01:48 Chorus.
02:19 Bridge.
02:50 Chorus.

✘ Lyrics ✘.
Words & Music by Anson Phillip Long-Seabra.

Invite to Wonderland.
We've got it all.
Potions and pastries.
That make you grow high.

Forests and homes.
Castles and cards that can talk.
Invite to Wonderland.
Look where you're at.

Maddest of hatters.
The Cheshire Cat.
Wonderful cabins and.
Charming white bunnies with clocks.

Dancing through a dream.
Underneath the stars.
Laughing 'til the.
Morning comes.

Everyone that leaves.
Has a heavy heart, oh.
Wonderland I enjoy.

Invite to Wonderland.
I'll be your guide.
Holding your hand.
Under sapphire skies.

Let's go exploring or.
We could simply opt for a walk.
Invite to Wonderland.
Where should we go?

There's a tea ceremony.
Along down the road.
Make a look and.
Perhaps they'll sing us a song.

Dancing through a dream.
Below the stars.
Chuckling 'til the.
Morning comes.

Everybody that leaves has a.
Heavy heart, oh.
Wonderland I like.

Nothing around here is.
Quite as it appears.
Not exactly sure if anything's.
Genuine or a dream.

And the only thing sure.
From the start.
Is the tune that's.
Inside of your heart.
Do not let it leave.

If this was a dream.
Then a minimum of I have actually got.
Memories for when.
Morning comes.

Now that I need to leave.
With a heaviness of heart, oh.
Wonderland I like.

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  1. oh tbh i prefer the old format of classy white letters on the screen, looks more aesthetic and neat. Thanks for the kareoke instruments tho!

  2. Missing the old layout …. But Changes are absolutely necessary….. We’ll get used to it .. don’t worry…. Thanks for all those neat instrumentals…. Helps me a lot… 😘

  3. can i request a song!!?
    if i can, can u please make “corduroy dreams”
    Make the audio when u have a free time,I don’t want to burden you!!😾❤‼️

  4. Ahhhh been waiting for this song hereeee!!! Hopefully, you’ll release one in a female key ❤

  5. Tysm!!!!!! I have been waking for this song!!!! Could you also do one higher key? You can take you time tho!!!! 💜

  6. omg, big request and its okay if not but im singing at my mums friends wedding in february, could you maybe to a female key of the song “wings” by birdy if you already havent! 💕

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