Ariana Grande – make up (Piano Karaoke)

Ariana Grande – comprise ( )|Crucial with lyrics
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Pace is 68.5 bpm. The key is D.


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I like to mess with you simply to make up with you.
'Cause the method you be screamin' my name.
Make me wan na make love to you.
I might break up with you just to make up with you.
At the end of the day, young boy.
You understand that I'm 'bout to get up with you.

I enjoy it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh).
Go on, ruin my comprise (yeah-eh-eh).
Love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh).
Go ahead, destroy my comprise (yeah-eh-eh).

My energy and mindset do not truly correspond.
I'm staying mad throughout the day so we can let it out tonight.
Bring you to the bed where we can really make it right.
Sorry-in-a-box, so when it pops, surprise, surprise.

I love it when we comprise (yeah-eh-eh).
Proceed, destroy my make up (yeah-eh-eh).
Love it when we comprise (yeah-eh-eh).
Go ahead, ruin my comprise (yeah-eh-eh).

Guarantee me that when you kiss my lips, you'll make it stick.
That's the way to shut me up after an argument.
No eye liner on, however taking a look at you is the repair.
Emphasize of my life, just like that Fenty Beauty set.

I like it when we comprise (yeah-eh-eh).
Go on, ruin my make up (yeah-eh-eh).
Love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh).
Proceed, destroy my make up (yeah-eh-eh).

Let me stay in my bag 'cause I like when you mad.
It's a mood, it's an ambiance, it's an appearance, it's a match.
Mindset, dream of mine (imagine mine).
When you say that I'm best (that I'm right).
And I discover that it works every time.

And I enjoy it when we comprise (yeah-eh-eh).
( And I love it when we make up).
Go ahead, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh).
( Proceed, destroy my makeup).
Love it when we comprise (yeah-eh-eh).
( And I enjoy it when we comprise).
Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh).
( Proceed, ruin my makeup, yeah).

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  2. Can you do some “the strokes ” stuff?
    “Ode to the mets?

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