Céline Dion – All By Myself (Karaoke Piano) Lower Key

Céline Dion – All By Myself ( ) Lower Key|Instrumental with lyrics
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✘ Variation Notes ✘.
Tempo is around 60 bpm and varies throughout. The secret is G significant.
This is a shorter version to the initial, hope you like!.


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✘ Lyrics ✘.
When I was young.
I never needed anybody.
And making love was just for enjoyable.
Those days are gone.
Livin' alone.
I think of all the pals I've understood.
When I dial the telephone.
Nobody's home.

All by myself.
Do not wan na be.
All by myself.
Any longer.

Difficult to be sure.
Sometimes I feel so insecure.
And enjoys so distant and obscure.
Stays the treatment.

All by myself.
Don't wan na be.
All by myself.
Any longer.
All by myself.
Do not wan na live.
All by myself.
Any longer.

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  1. You doing Céline Dion is the best thing that has happened today! Can’t wait to annoy my family with singing this all evening!

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