Conan Gray – Movies | Piano Tutorial

Conan Gray – Films (in the secret of B Significant) ( / Lesson).
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Conan Gray – Movies | Piano

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    1. Yeahhh Emma 😌Superache hopefully is out in your time zone soon❤️

  1. OMG YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ALBUM NO WAY THATS SO AWESOME!! i cant wait to listen to it tonight 😭😭 i’ve been waiting 2 years for this!! what are your favorites so far?

    1. Movies and family line are sooo good😍, The lyrics to family line did make me cry, Superache is such a good album he really balanced it with his sentimental songs and the bops

  2. could you do family line?? I would love that even though it’s not out in my timezone yet 🙁

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