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    1. Of course they can play notes. that’s why they have many drums tuned to different … notes.

  1. That sound effect reminded me of the beginning of Rudebox by Robbie Williams 😅👏👍

  2. When I started out learning to tune a piano, I would put the palm of my hand against the top of the piano to feel the pulse between two bass notes.

  3. When you increased the tempo of the beat you unintentionally recreated the beginning of death grips hot head

  4. Can we take a moment to appreciate how seamlessly the short repeats? Props in the editing department

    1. Why is that good? It only makes you needlessly watch the same video again becasue you did not know it had ended. It’s beneficial to creators, not to viewers

  5. Adam Neely has a great talk about this. I think it’s called new horizons or something. He talks about how intervals are polyrhythms and it adds a lot of depth to this idea

    1. nope, it`s not.
      more the equivalent of light being the same as thermal radiation (it`s not the same, just constisting of the same “ingredient” perceived differently depending on frequency)

    2. It’s not. It’s closer to (but not completely analogous) energy mass equivalence since you can create energy out of mass you just need to convert it. You can convert rhythm into pitch you just need to speed it up.

  6. The sounds of music really just all depend on the envelops and how the transients are modulated with other frequencies!

  7. This gets even more crazy once you realize: harmony = rhythm = pitch 🤫😌 every harmony creates its own rhythm by the individual tension that comes from the single Frequencies within the harmony, the frequency ratio so to speak.

  8. Me encanta como la transición lírica entre la anterior cancion y la siguiente da una especie de alusión a que los numeros de esta cancion es la cantidad de papitas que se hace XD

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