The ONLY 6 Things You Need To Start Playing Violin

6 things you need to begin finding out the violin!
There are a few more things, but those are * not totally * needed to start immediately

1. Violin – here are some I personally suggest:
2. Bow – the bow will feature the clothing (see violin link above).
3. Violin lesson course/teacher – I have an online '1-30 Violin Course':.
The videos are linked in the books and the very first 10 lessons are 100% free!
As for a physical teacher, simply search your local area.
4. Rosin:.
Rosin; U.S.A. link:.
Rosin; UK link.

5. Violin Case – this will come with the clothing (see violin link above).

6. Music Stand:.
Music Stand USA link:.
Music Stand, UK link:.
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I would encourage you not to get a super inexpensive one, as it will NOT last you – I assure you! It will be weak, constantly fall over as quickly as you put a book on it, the legs won't hold, the screws won't tighten and will loosen up rapidly … Just buy an excellent quality durable one and conserve yourself the inconvenience of spending for another one.
7. Decision.
8. Effort.
9. Time.

The very first 10 lessons are absolutely FREE and all downloadable printouts & mp3s are free for you to see whether you like my mentor design and course before carrying on and getting.
Here is the link to whatever you will need for the first 10 lessons.
Click on the pdf that states 'START HERE' first:.

Fiddlerman violins are the only violins I currently recommend. You can select the violin to suite you depending upon your budget plan. Remember the less expensive you go (purchasing rubbish from Amazon for instance), the worse the violin will be (trash probably) and the HARDER it will be to discover – which is why Fiddlerman violins are an excellent novices option:.

1. How To Hold The Bow:.
2. How To Hold The Violin:.
3. How To Rosin The Bow:.
4. How To Tune The Violin:.
5. How To Stop Hitting Other Strings:.
6. Play Like A Pro In 30 Lessons:.

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The ONLY 6 Things You Need To Start Playing Violin

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  1. Just can’t get enough of You and your teaching’s. Greetings from Oklahoma.

  2. I could also do with something else sweetheart… talent !

  3. I´m starting to learn violin (49 years old) and have 4/4 violin. But I have small hands and some stiffness on my joints. when I can see whit training if I need a 7/8 violin ( Learning twinkle twinkle) My violin is Harald Lorenz no:2 produced by Accord Kvint company.

  4. I just learned my wife was really good with the violin to the point of wanting to go to school for it. That’s was 15+ years ago and she has not truly played since then. However, she wants to get back into it, but is a bit apprehensive about it. I’m not sure how much I can do to help her to get her what she needs. So thank you for the video.

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