This book is remarkable and is the FIRST book of its kind available on the internet!
… and don't forget, its all 100% downloadable!

Take a look at it here:
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Let me inform you about it and why its unique and unique …:.

So it's a violin duet book consisting of 10 pieces scheduled 2 violins, by me, with mp3 accompaniments.

Within the bundle you'll get 3 pdf books; the to the violin 1 part, the to the violin 2 part, and the sheet music to both parts together.

You'll also be receiving; the mp3 accompaniments with the violin 2 and part so YOU can play the violin 1 part, and also the violin 1 part and , so YOU can play the violin 2 if you choose.

As an extra (as I'm great like that) I have consisted of the piano accompaniments own its own in case you and a buddy wish to get together and play these duets.

Now the enjoyable part … So what makes this special?
Do not have anybody to have fun with? The originality of this book is that you can play interactively along with me – whichever part you want to pick!
So for example, if you wished to play the violin I part, you can naturally placed on the mp3 recording of the violin II part and piano and play along, however, with this book, you can now do this by means of the video performances that are included and this is where the amazing part is available in!

Instead of play along to simply an uninteresting mp3 recording with just you standing there, why not play along to my video rather where you are playing LIVE, next to me ?!
You can do this in the convenience of your own home just for fun, or, you can entertain your friends and family with a distinct performance that would not otherwise be possible!

The number of us (including me), don't have access to another violinist at the same level as us in addition to pianist to accompany us both? I know I do not, but now you have the opportunity to play together with me, interactively through the video!

Simply follow the links in the book or use the QR code next to each piece, and play your selected piece on your TV or display – whichever you choose.
The larger the screen, the more realistic the performance will be …

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I delighted in writing, composint, setting up and recording it and if you have any questions, please leave them in the remarks below!

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